Offer Agreement

The public offer agreement (hereinafter the Agreement) regulates the order of providing the company services and conducting of culinary master classes by the limited liability company “Culinaryon”.

The “Culinaryon” limited liability company (hereinafter the CULINARYON studio) represented by its General Director Sadovina V. P., acting pursuant to the Company Charter publishes this Agreement to individuals (hereinafter the Guest).

  1. Basic definitions

Website - information of the CULINARYON studio published on the web pages at address

Agreement - this Offer Agreement published on the Website.

Application - information about the cost of Goods and Services published on the Website, information about the Actions.

Services - master classes and events in the CULINARYON studio.

Goods- goods realized on the Website or available for purchase in the CULINARYON studio.

Venue -the place of conducting: #04-63, Tower 2, One Raffles Place, Singapore, CULINARYON studio (unless otherwise noted). The venue of the master classes of CULINARYON studio’s franchisees is published on the Website.

Guest- individual which intends to pay and receive Goods and Services of the CULINARYON studio.

Certificate- the main ticket to class with a unique number. The Certificate can be purchased for a specific master class or as a gift. During the signing up for a class Guest says the number of the certificate, and therefore this certificate becomes a ticket for this class. The certificate may be used only for one person. If the Guest buys the Certificates for friends, he/she must buy the individual Certificate for each person.

Discount- incentive discount which Guest receives for participation in Actions and surveys of the CULINARYON studio. The amount of discount is separately negotiated in each Action.

Action - special offer of the CULINARYON studio with a limited duration. The terms of Action are published on the Website or in an email to the Guest and there are an integral part of the Agreement.

Manager - employee of the CULINARYON studio which interacts with the Guest during the registration to a master class, payment the Certificate and directly in the master class.

  1. The order of conclusion of the Agreement

2.1. Full and unconditional approval to conclude the Agreement is one or more following actions performed by Guests:

  • Registration on the Website;
  • Payment for the Certificate or the Goods on the Website and in the CULINARYON studio;
  • Registration for the master class of the CULINARYON studio;
  • Participation in any Action of the CULINARYON studio.

2.2. Any of these actions performed by the Guest means that the Guest agrees to all the provisions of this Agreement and its Applications.

  1. The Subject of the Agreement

3.1. The Guest agrees to pay and the CULINARYON studio agrees to provide Guest Services or to sell Goods according the conditions noted on the Website.

3.2. The list of Goods and Services and their cost are determined on the Website in sections corresponding to a certain Goods or Service.

3.3. The CULINARYON studio reserves the right to change the terms of this Agreement unilaterally without prior approval with the Guest, ensuring the publication of the changed terms on the Website not less than three (3) days before their commissioning. The changes do not apply on the Guest which made the payment before the changing of terms of the Agreement.

  1. Conditions of providing Services and selling of Goods

4.1. Services of conducting the master class

4.1.1. Services are provided by their 100% (one hundred percent) of the advance payment.

4.1.2. Services are provided with the condition of recording on a master class not less than 48 (forty eight) hours before the stated commencement of the master class if there are available places in the master class.

4.1.3. The recording for the master-class is on the Website, by phone and in person - in the CULINARYON studio. Phone number and links to recording posted on the Website in the corresponding sections. If any way of recording is not available the Guest chooses a different way of recording.

4.1.4. If the Guest cancels the record for the master-class is more than 48 hours before the stated commencement of the master class the Certificate remains valid until the end of its period of validity (indicated on the Certificate).

4.1.5. If the Guest cancels the record for the master-class less than 48 hours or does not come to the master class, his/her Certificate becomes invalid. If the Guest does not come to a master class without notifying the CULINARYON studio for forty-eight (48) hours before the stated commencement of the master class, at the end of the master class the Certificate becomes invalid.

4.1.6. To participation in the master class Guest arrives at the appointed time and registries for a master class (agrees safety and leaves contacts) and then shows his/her Certificate (in paper or electronic form). Confirmation is a unique Certificate number.

4.1.7. The CULINARYON studio is not responsible for lateness of the Guest at a master class. At the end of the master class the Service is considered provided and the Certificate becomes invalid.

4.1.8. The Certificate may be transferred to a third party without approval from the CULINARYON studio. When recording for a master class it is desirable (but not required) to give the name of the Guest which will use this Certificate on the master class. If the name is yet unknown the Guest can give the name of the purchaser of the Certificate.

4.2. The conditions of selling of Goods

4.2.1. The Goods are provided to the Guest in case of its availability in the warehouse of the CULINARYON studio. In case of the absence of Goods in the warehouse manager of the CULINARYON studio informs the Guest about the timing of its arrival and about alternative Goods by phone or email.

4.2.2. The Goods are available on the terms described on the Website. Different terms can be applied to the different Goods.

4.2.3. The Goods are available in case of 100% (hundred percent) prepayment.

4.2.4. Terms of delivery of the Goods are listed on the Website.

  1. The order of the payment

5.1. The Guest can pay for the Goods or Services:

  • On the Website;
  • In the CULINARYON studio - by cash or payment card;
  • By cash for courier;
  • By cashless transfer to the account of the CULINARYON studio.

5.2. If one or more of methods of payment is unavailable for technical or other reasons, the Guest chooses a different method of payment.

5.3. The cost of Services of the CULINARYON studio and Goods indicated on the Website includes VAT (18%).

5.4. When the Guest buys a Certificate he/she can apply the Discount received for the executed conditions of any Action. The Guest can ask the manager of the CULINARYON studio about the availability of Discounts.

  1. The CULINARYON studio shall:

6.1. Follow the requirements of the current legislation of the Singapore when providing Services.

6.2. Notify the guests about the cancellation or postponement of the master class. Guest can choose the visiting of another master class, under the denomination of the Certificate and in case of availability places at the master class.

6.2.1. In case of cancellation or postponement of the master class earlier than forty-eight (48) hours before the stated commencement of the master class, the Guest has the right to choose another master-class within the validity period of the purchased Certificate.

6.2.2. In case of cancellation or postponement of the master class of the CULINARYON studio later than 48 (forty eight) hours before the stated commencement of the master class the validity of purchased Certificate is automatically extended for thirty (30) days. Guest can choose another master-class under the changed validity.

6.3. Provide the Guest with Services of good quality and in full.

  1. The Guest shall:

7.1. Familiarize with the safety, rules of Business Center it is located and rules of Studio and abide by them in full when providing the Service.

7.2. Timely pay for Goods and Services in full and to pay for additional Goods and Services ordered by the Guest and provided him directly at the event.

7.3. Show the CULINARYON studio the document proving the identity of the Guest (citizen passport or driving license) on request of the manager at the time of payment.

  1. The CULINARYON studio has a right:

8.1. To unilaterally change this Agreement.

8.2. All changes of the Agreement enters into force upon its publication on the Website.

  1. Image rights

9.1. In providing the Guest Services the CULINARYON studio can make photo and video shooting.

9.2. Photos and video materials depicting the Guest are the property of the CULINARYON studio and may be used for any purpose of the CULINARYON studio in future including social media and in any advertising and information materials.

  1. Dispute resolution

10.1. All disputes between the Guest and the CULINARYON studio are resolved through negotiations.

  1. Details of the CULINARYON studio

Culinaryon Pte Ltd

Registration No 201502042G

Limited private company

Incorporation date 20/01/2015

56111 Recreational cooking school

85491 Teambuilding




Giulio D’Erme

Bank details

SGD account 003-928725-9

USD 0003-022451-01-0


12 Marina Boulevard

DBS Asia Central

Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3 Singapore 018982

Bank Code: 7171

Branch Code: 003

Swift address: DBSSSGSG

To receive funds in USD from an overseas party, please provide the following additional details: Pay to: Bank of New York Mellon, New York (Swift address: IRVTUS3N) FED ABA: 021000018 For account of: DBS Bank Ltd, Singapore (Swift address: DBSSSGSG)