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Core components to consider in team building

Team building games and activities are aimed at developing the behavior and skills of team members that will lead to effective team functioning. In achieving such goal, the developing of a sense of team among the team members is recognized in the field as one of the fundamental approach. This can be done so by infusing in the team the sense of unity as one, because essentially team members cannot work in seclusion and are autonomous of each other.

In building a successful team, there are core components that can be considered in order to attain the goals sought for in conducting a team building activity as mentioned by Senécal, Loughead and Bloom. First is the identification of shared vision and unity of purpose. It is said that the start of any team building should begin with the facilitator who shall communicate the goals and objectives to the team. This way, the roles of each team member are defined and group norms for productivity get charted.

Next is the laying down of collaborative and synergistic teamwork. This approach requires the knowledge of your team members about what they know are expected from them, by means of providing them with a clear understanding of their role in the team.

Another is the setting down the individual and mutual accountability of each team member. It is said that each member of the team should adapt it as truth that the team should always come first before their individual interest. Your team members should develop the sense of accountability for any individual action or actions of the team as a whole.

It is also good to create a positive team culture and cohesive group atmosphere. A positive team culture which allows for the smooth functioning of the team should be built by the facilitator. The creation of team identity will help instill a sense of pride in group membership. This is another factor in building a successful team because the members of the team become proud to be a part of the team.

In the duration of the team building activities, it is important to employ open and honest communication processes. The shared communication among team members must be composed of trust, honesty, mutual sharing and understanding. This can be done by giving each member a chance to speak in forums during the activities.

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We understand that the end goal of a team building is always to build healthy relationships within the corporation so we strive to provide the best fit tools for your team building and your team can simply come for a fun filled yummy session!

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