Global Feast

17 april | Monday 19:00
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118 SGD

Menu Master Class

Pasta with Salmon and Zucchini

Semifreddo with Orange and Pistachios

Salad with spinach and crispy bacon slices

In our modern world it is difficult to find the right balance between healthy and fast eating. We often do not have time for cooking and buy frozen or take-out food, which contains a lot of fat! At CulinaryOn’s healthy cooking class, join us and learn healthy, tasty and easy recipes, and how to choose the right ingredients - you will feel inspired for even more positive changes in your life!

Healthy food may be perceived by many to be boring and tasteless, but it is not only about vegetables or fat-free options. At CulinaryOn, our chefs will show you that healthy food does not require much time, money or effort. It is easy to prepare, great for health and can be fun to eat! Whether it's a light salad, a dish with poultry or just steamed vegetables, or whether you're for or against gluten, fat or dairy-free dishes, be inspired for new healthy dish ideas in our Healthy Cooking Open Master Class!

Any healthy dish starts from the right ingredients and the right kitchen tools. Various types of fresh vegetables and herbs are your best choices, as they provide you with the necessary nutrients for the day. But do you know how to choose and store them to ensure their goodness is retained? Do you know that a good frying pan can help you reduce the use of oil? How do you properly combine ingredients? What spices should you add to make a simple dish incredibly delicious and full of flavour? Find answers to  these questions and more, with our chefs at CulinaryOn!

We would like to invite you to start your healthy lifestyle at CulinaryOn’s Open Master Class. We do not count calories — we only have a great time, experiment and cook delicious, tasty, juicy, spicy and absolutely different healthy dishes to satisfy your palate! Our chefs will teach you how to do it in the right way with the right ingredients. Emerge from our Healthy Cooking Open Master class as a true expert of nutritious, useful & balanced healthy dishes!

The average duration of this class is 3 — 3.5 hours.

The workshop included:

  • Light snacks
  • Soft drinks free flow
  • Cooking 3 dishes with chef
  • Competitions and quizzes
  • Ingredients and equipment for cooking
  • Photography and photo album in FB group
  • Authors recipes of all cooked dishes
  • Great mood and unforgettable impressions
  • Certificate of participation for all guests


Beatriz: The experience in Culinaryon was wonderful from the beginning. They took care of every single detail. The kitchen is beautiful and the class was educacional but also incredibly fun. Our chef Giuseppe was totally amazing! Our host Dasha was also wonderful and made sure everything was ok at all times. We will definitely repeat the experience!
Anton: Perfect place to spend an evening: nice food, good wine, amazing experience! I wasn't really used to cook previously, but there I understood that it's relaxing actually, cooking is fun! With a little help from star chefs it's quite easy ;) Now I want to conduct my next team bonding session there! A nice point was to receive professional pictures afterwards!

Dear participants of our master classes, please note that we have a minimum attendance requirement of 6 participants per class to proceed, and should you wish to cancel or reschedule your reservations, please kindly do so no later than 3 days before the actual date of the master class. Thank you!

Global Feast

17 april | Monday 19:00
sold out

118 SGD

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