Spanish siesta

02 september | Saturday 19:00
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Tuna Tartare

Seafood Risotto

Churro with Caramelized Dulce de Leche & Chocolate

Paella, Tortilla, Tapas, Gazpacho... Do you feel hungry when you hear these words? The Spanish truly know how good food should be - their cuisine is extremely vivid with colours and exploding with flavour, just like the country itself! To truly discover the history and traditions of Spain, one must try its delicious dishes. So come join us at CulinaryOn’s Spanish Cooking Classes where you can learn to cook and eat Spanish food for a truly immersive cultural experience!

Spanish dishes vary from region to region, but they are similarly prepared with the use of olive oil, garlic, numerous fragrant spices and herbs. The aromatic and nutritious Paella in a large frying pan, which is rice topped with various types of seafood, snails, rabbit, fowl, vegetables, and sometimes wine, has become the symbol of Spanish cuisine. There are more than 300 recipes of it!

Traditionally, each meal starts with small appetizers – Tapas, which can be made of ham, meat, fish, vegetables, olives, cheese on small pieces of grilled bread. Then, refresh yourself with Gazpacho, a thick cold soup made of tomatoes and peppers. For the main course, besides Paella, it is necessary to try spicy & savoury dishes like the Chilindron Chicken in chili, onions and garlic sauce. Love seafood? Shrimps, mussels, tuna, oysters, squid, anchovies and dorados are widely used as ingredients for many Spanish dishes too. For dessert, enjoy a fantastic combination of crispy caramelized top and tender filling with a Crema Catalana. But what is a true Spanish dinner without a glass of fresh Sangria? At the end of our class, everyone will gather at the table, drink to sunny Spain and share learnt culinary secrets!

This colorful and flavourful cuisine is definitely worth learning more about – book our Spanish Siesta Cooking Class and be ready for an exciting cultural experience and truly unforgettable dinner.

Feel free to invent, fantasize & experiment with our CULINARYON team!

The average duration of this open master class is 3 — 3.5 hours.

The workshop included:

  • Light snacks
  • Soft drinks free flow
  • Cooking 3 dishes with chef
  • Competitions and quizzes
  • Ingredients and equipment for cooking
  • Photography and photo album in FB group
  • Authors recipes of all cooked dishes
  • Great mood and unforgettable impressions
  • Certificate of participation for all guests


Rachel: It was a spectacular and memorable night with Culinaryon.The team is really accomodating and spontaneous.It was such a wonderful night and the Bride is very happy with the arrangement and of course the girls who attended the event as well for that night were all really happy, LOTS OF LAUGHTERS and love that the idea that is not just the usual clubbing and get home drunk event. The bride is now happily married. I highly recommend this place for team building, birthdays, parties, anniversaries. The venue is conveniently located in the heart of lion city (just above Raffles Place Mrt at One raffles place, tower 2, level 4). Venue could hold up to 200 pax so what are you waiting for? This is the place to be.
Anton: Perfect place to spend an evening: nice food, good wine, amazing experience! I wasn't really used to cook previously, but there I understood that it's relaxing actually, cooking is fun! With a little help from star chefs it's quite easy ;) Now I want to conduct my next team bonding session there! A nice point was to receive professional pictures afterwards!

Dear participants of our master classes, please note that we have a minimum attendance requirement of 6 participants per class to proceed, and should you wish to cancel or reschedule your reservations, please kindly do so no later than 3 days before the actual date of the master class. Thank you!

Spanish siesta

02 september | Saturday 19:00
sold out

118 SGD

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