Funny Ravioli (Class for Kids)

04 september | Sunday 11:00
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88 SGD

Menu Master Class

Deep fried spring roll with chicken

Coloured Ravioli with Porchini

Almond Semifreddo

How many ingredients does a Margarita pizza have? What is the spaghetti length? How are chocolate muffins made? Children have endless curiosity and asking questions, even about food! If your kid has many times shown his liking for cooking activities, why not let him or her spend some quality time in the kitchen and cultivate their culinary skills? We invite your little one to Junior cooking class at CulinaryOn – the place where we enhance your child’s culinary talents!

When kids find themselves in a CulinaryOn kitchen, we will let them dive straight into the food preparation process and start their experiments under the supervision of our friendly chefs. Our Junior cooking classes are always conducted with lots of fun, where children will adore discovering new recipes of dishes, mixing, boiling, peeling vegetables or grating chocolate. No worries about safety - your little ones are in safe hands at CulinaryOn! Our team of attentive and experienced chefs and guides will teach your child not only to prepare healthy, easy and tasty dishes, but also how to be safe in the kitchen. Let your kid’s imagination fly with CulinaryOn!

During the Junior cooking class, all little chefs will be involved in activities according to their age. They will learn all about the food they will be cooking, the preparation and cooking process, kitchen tools and serving dishes, safety and food handling. It will be a class of great kiddy inspiration, marvelous experiences and tons of fun! The class ends in a small party with tasting what they have cooked, photo-taking, and lots of kiddy smiles!

Enroll your child in the best Junior cooking class in Singapore, it’s the most fun and enriching culinary adventure you won’t want them to miss!

The average duration of this class is 3 — 3.5 hours


The workshop included:

  • Light snacks
  • Soft drinks free flow
  • Cooking 3 dishes with chef
  • Competitions and quizzes
  • Ingredients and equipment for cooking
  • Photography and photo album in FB group
  • Authors recipes of all cooked dishes
  • Great mood and unforgettable impressions
  • Certificate of participation for all guests


Dylan: I had the true HONOR of attending one of the cooking classes for a guest night. From the beginning the experience was something else, truly unique. Immediately welcomed with a drink, chef apron, and fresh finger foods.Giulio, one of the founders, took time to show us the venue and treated us as family. Then Antonio our chef came in and took over the room. His charm, and genuine love for cooking was gushing. We learned how to cut, prepare from SCRATCH a pasta with some of the freshest ingredients I've had in Singapore. We also learned how to make fresh ice cream.
Girafelle: Great location and venue! Amazing atmosphere, from first moment you feel like in a big family (I went together with my friend and our session was with about 25 other guys) so whole experience was like a super well organized home party where you mess is miraculously disappearing and needed ingridients are appearing:) There is plenty of options to choose from in terms of cuisine/number of dishes to cook/free flow or non-alcohol/ size of the room, even conference room for business meeting before fun). Seriously impressed with whole setup, entertainment and quality of products. Thanks for a great evening, will be back soon!

Dear participants of our master classes, please note that we have a minimum attendance requirement of 6 participants per class to proceed, and should you wish to cancel or reschedule your reservations, please kindly do so no later than 3 days before the actual date of the master class. Thank you!

Funny Ravioli (Class for Kids)

04 september | Sunday 11:00
sold out

88 SGD

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