Cruise to Sicily

29 july | Saturday 19:00
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138 SGD

Menu Master Class

Pasta alla Norma

Chocolate Cake with Mango and Ricotta

Sesame Tuna Sicilian Style

It is funny, that when it comes to seafood, everyone prefers to go to a restaurant or a café, because few people can cook it properly without making a mess in the kitchen, or spoiling a good piece of fish fillet. To turn this seafood disaster into a fantastic chef-d’oeuvre, you may only need some very simple culinary techniques. At our seafood cooking class in CulinaryOn studios, we have everything prepared to transform you from an amateur cook into a seafood expert!

Fish and seafood are not simple food, just like how our cooking classes are not ordinary culinary lessons! At CulinaryOn, not only will our charismatic chefs teach you how to cook delicious, healthy, light seafood and succulent fish dishes, we will ensure that you will be basking in the tastiest, most relaxing and fun-filled atmosphere in our beautiful studios. We’ll transport you to seafood paradise while enjoy a nice glass of wine by our bars, as well as the best seafood dish ever - the one that you have just learnt to cook by yourself!

During our seafood cooking class, students will learn useful tips like how to choose seafood, keep it fresh, how to scale and what to serve with it. Learn about various types of fish and molluscs, and discover key points of cooking it easily, starting from marinating and salting till baking and frying. Know about the famous Paella or Bouillabaisse soup, which are the typical fishermen dishes? We have plenty more interesting recipes to share! Fish stew in pre-fried vegetables, tender scallop with asparagus, Risotto with seafood, juicy squid meat or lobster. Just a little time spent with us and you will see an exquisite dish in front of you!

The best way to know all about seafood is to sign up for our Open Master Class. Do not waste time: grab your friends, bring your culinary curiosity, and be ready to enjoy our fun-filled cooking class – we have already caught all the fish!

The average duration of this Open Master Class is 3 — 3.5 hours.

The workshop included:

  • Light snacks
  • Soft drinks free flow
  • Cooking 3 dishes with chef
  • Competitions and quizzes
  • Ingredients and equipment for cooking
  • Photography and photo album in FB group
  • Authors recipes of all cooked dishes
  • Great mood and unforgettable impressions
  • Certificate of participation for all guests


Girafelle: Great location and venue! Amazing atmosphere, from first moment you feel like in a big family (I went together with my friend and our session was with about 25 other guys) so whole experience was like a super well organized home party where you mess is miraculously disappearing and needed ingridients are appearing:) There is plenty of options to choose from in terms of cuisine/number of dishes to cook/free flow or non-alcohol/ size of the room, even conference room for business meeting before fun). Seriously impressed with whole setup, entertainment and quality of products. Thanks for a great evening, will be back soon!
Beatriz: The experience in Culinaryon was wonderful from the beginning. They took care of every single detail. The kitchen is beautiful and the class was educacional but also incredibly fun. Our chef Giuseppe was totally amazing! Our host Dasha was also wonderful and made sure everything was ok at all times. We will definitely repeat the experience!

Dear participants of our master classes, please note that we have a minimum attendance requirement of 6 participants per class to proceed, and should you wish to cancel or reschedule your reservations, please kindly do so no later than 3 days before the actual date of the master class. Thank you!

Cruise to Sicily

29 july | Saturday 19:00
sold out

138 SGD

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