Cooking Master Classes in CULINARYON

Cuisines all world

Craving about a new tasty experience? Tired of making the same recipes at home? Want to learn how to cook like in restaurants or get a grasp of different world cuisines? We are here to help! Choose any cooking class Singapore at CulinaryOn - we will prove you that creation of culinary masterpieces is much easier than you think!

Themed Cooking classes in Singapore CBD

Make a feast for your stomach and take a part in our cooking lessons to learn how to make dishes of Singaporean, Italian, Thai, Spanish and many more cuisines like a local. If you are a sweet tooth, we provide a wide variety of desserts: from a classic tiramisu to zabaionе with fresh berries. As for meat lovers we cook delicious lamb stew, succulent pork escalopes and many other mouth-watering masterpieces. Need baking lessons to reach perfection in Pastry? Our Pastry baking courses contain 2 types of dishes each and will let you cheer up your family with melting chocolate lava cake, crunchy Sicilian cannoli or much more. Interested in cocktails or mocktails? A professional mixologist will hold funny and engaging sessions telling exciting secrets of cocktail-making.

Cook like a Pro

Leave all your worries behind our doors. We will provide you with everything you need for an unforgettable experience: premium ingredients, 4 well-equipped kitchens, helpful professional Chefs with a team and even aprons for the event. The only thing to take with you is a cheerful mood! Just imagine you making favorite dishes side-by-side with the best Chefs throughout cooking classes! A glass of excellent wine, appetizing finger food and exciting entertaining activities will truly make the experience memorable and delicious. No need to worry about dirty plates! We will take care of it too. Have fun, laugh out loud, take home not only new recipes, but also culinary secrets and inspiration of our star Chefs. Impress your beloved ones with the new just learned recipes – once started you won't be able to stop!

Discover our advantages

Advantages: location in the heart of Singapore CBD, the largest culinary studio in Europe & Asia, professional Chef, Event Master and team, a wide variety of cuisines with more than 300 recipes, finger food canape & a great choice of wines and spirits, fully equipped spacious studios, friendly atmosphere, professional photographer (at most of the events), exciting shows and games, gifts and souvenirs for good memories. Visit our Cooking Lessons Singapore at CulinaryOn and experience the joy of creating wonderful meals using your own hands. We will help you to start loving kitchen experiments and not to be afraid of cooking.


Not all of the mentioned above classes are in the list and our schedule. So if you are interested in a specific one - please don’t hesitate to write us at, it will be scheduled as soon as we get enough demand