Baking Together

Plunge yourself and your team into a world of sweet decadence! CulinaryOn’s unique baking classes are an introduction to the gastronomical delight of desserts, cakes, pastries, and other sweet treats.

With our professional classes, anybody can become a master in dessert making. Our Chefs will guide you through the learning journey of how to make amazing desserts from scratch. Learn how to correctly portion ingredients, perfect different baking methods, and get creative with decoration techniques. Once you develop your baking skills, you will realise that the results are much better than anything you could ever order from a cafe or a dessert place.

We offer both western-style and Asian baking. Choose a class on cupcakes making & decoration, discover the secrets of local nyonya kueh, master the art of baking the perfect chocolate chip cookies, or try your hand at proper dessert making like apple tarte tatin or chocolate souffle. The options are unlimited!

Recipes of the baked dishes will be sent to you after the class, so that you can continue to wow your family or friends with your delicious creations. Our mission is to teach everyone to bake easily and with pleasure!

Come and embark on a baking party with us!

Find out more details at http://events.culinaryon.sg/baking

Learning Outcomes:
Bake & Have Fun
Baking techniques
Baking enthusiasts
Dessert making