Chinese Cooking Class Singapore

There is no other cuisine in the world which showcases the diversity and uniqueness of taste as the Chinese cuisine. It is extremely popular everywhere, but what do you really know about it? Rice, wooden chopsticks, soy sauce? Indeed, there is a lot to learn and say about it. At CULINARYON, we invite you to embark on a fabulous gastronomic journey to China with us. Feel the spirit of China at our Chinese cooking class without even leaving the country.

China is the one of the few countries which pays so much attention to etiquette and traditions. Regardless of modern influence, Chinese food and the process of cooking have hardly had any changes, and almost all dishes are still prepared in a special cast-iron pan called a “Wok”. To create a special taste they try to save the original flavor of ingredients and at the same time to make it completely unrecognizable and new. You can easily find various exotic combinations in your plate, such as meat with pineapple or duck with mango sauce. As for ingredients, the Chinese tend to use noodles, white rice, soy, ginger, vegetables such as cucumbers, coriander, broccoli or celery, meat like pork or duck, mushrooms, fish and seafood, and a great amount of fragrant spices and herbs such as cloves, garlic, chili pepper, dill, sesame, cinnamon. You can even see vegetables or spices in Chinese desserts! When it comes to eating, it is always a special ceremony, which is done without any haste. There is a whole lot more for you to find out when you join our lessons in Chinese cooking.

The dish synonymous with China is Beijing Duck, which has become one of the symbols of Chinese cuisine. Other significant dishes include piquant pork in sweet-sour sauce, spicy appetizer made of cucumbers, rice with eggs and vegetables, soup with meat dumplings, hot soy cottage cheese Ma-Po Tofu, boiled, fried, steamed or baked dumplings stuffed with shrimps or meat, classic Kung Pao chicken with peanuts… here are just few examples of the flavorful Chinese dishes that you will pick up at Culinaryon’s Chinese cooking class in Singapore.

Discover the deep philosophy of Chinese cuisine with our talented chefs – they will share all their culinary knowledge and make your day really tasty.

The average duration of each class is 3 – 3,5 hours.