Chinese New Year

Has your team had enough of boring traditional Chinese New Year banquets and hotel dinners? Are you keen to explore unique different ways of celebrating this special occasion with your colleagues? Then you have come to the right place!

At CulinaryOn, we organise events in fun and different ways. For those looking to change it up during CNY, we have a perfect variety of team building activities to explore.

Chinese New Year Cooking:
Learn how to cook some of the signature CNY dishes in a 100% hands-on way. You get to participate in a fun and easy cooking session with your team, facilitated by our professional Chefs in the premium environment of our cooking studio. Don’t worry, the cooking won’t be hard! We ensure that all the recipes are easy to follow and perfectly feasible even for cooking amateurs.

The best part of our cooking parties comes when you get to enjoy the mouth-watering food that you cooked with your team – dishes such as Drunken Chicken, Cereal Prawns, Chilli Crab, Bak Kwa Salad, and more. Additionally, there is no need to clean anything – we provide you with complete service, and our cleaning team will take care of cleaning any used dishes & equipment!

Chinese New Year Wine Las Vegas:
For those teams wanting to avoid extra calories and looking for the best ever fun activity, you have to try our Wine Las Vegas game! Get into your betting spirit with our wine tasting game, where you taste different wines, and then bet on the wine elements you think you can guess correctly using special WineOn playing chips. Our special Wine Las Vegas betting table is inspired by casino roulette tables, but customised to a wine appreciation tasting with elements such as grape variety, vintage, country of production, and more.

Wait no more and contact us now to book an event with us to guarantee a memorable time during the next Chinese New Year!

Even if you are keen to explore the more traditional CNY banquet or buffet dinner, let us know and we will organise an event for you in our unique CulinaryOn environment!