Dessert Making Classes

Can’t imagine your day without cake or chocolate? Or maybe on the contrary, you are not passionate about sweets at all? Whether it is a yes or a no, we would like to invite you to try the best dessert that would completely change your mind. It will be much better than anything you can order from a cafe or desserts place - it is what you will be creating yourself! Discover an incredible world of delectable desserts at CulinaryOn and get ready for some truly sweet indulgence!

No meal is complete without dessert, hence it is definitely important if you want to learn how to prepare a full-course meal! They add some sweet notes at the end of each meal, bringing delight and gastronomical pleasures. The best known desserts are much simpler to recreate than you think! Fresh berry soufflé, classic New York cheesecake, crispy mille-feuille with vanilla sauce, creamy and tender Tiramisu, light Viennese strudel and the famous «Fondant au chocolat» with hot chocolate filling... All these and many more incredible combinations of desserts flavours await you at CulinaryOn’s Desserts Class!

At our desserts cooking class, get ready to plunge into a world of sweet decadence! Firstly, learn how to choose the right ingredients and special preparation techniques. Then, our chefs will teach you to create fantastically delicious and sweet desserts under their supervision. Do not worry, everyone will find a dessert that delivers true bliss, and make it like a pro confectioner! Of course, during this Masterclass, you will get to enjoy your tasty masterpieces once they are ready, with tea or coffee.

Recipes will be sent to you after your class, so that you can continue to wow your family or friends with your delicious creations. Our mission is to teach everyone to bake fast, easily and with pleasure. Organise your event and embark on the sweetest journey with us!

Imagine juicy Italian pastiera, tender cake with ricotta and pear, ruddy homemade cakes...Lots of people are partial to the magical aroma and amazing taste of fresh pastries. If you consider that work with the dough is like the true art accessible only to the elect people, you will certainly change your opinion. With our virtuoso chefs, everybody can become a guru of pastry!

During the class you will learn how to cook two excellent type of dishes - with chocolate (Chocolate Caprese or Chocolate Lava Cake) and without chocolate (Sicilian Cannoli or Neapolitan Pastiera Pie). Making pastries is not that hard - the secret of «obedient» dough is just good mood, and the desire to feel like a cook!

You will easily be able to reach perfection in the preparation of culinary delights in a relaxed and fun atmosphere of the CULINARYON studio and learn how to indulge your friends and family with delicious pastries endlessly!

A culinary keystone for any newbie or cooking enthusiast! Join us to learn how to bake all types of breads. If you think that working with dough is an art accessible to only a selected group of people, this experience will certainly change your opinion.

With our virtuoso chefs, everybody can become a guru of bread! We believe that one of secrets of «obedient» dough is simply having a good mood and the desire to feel like a Chef. Enjoy cheerful atmosphere of edutainment while you release your internal Chef under the guidance of CulinaryOn's professional team, and be ready to impress your friends and family with delicious bread made all on your own!

Tired of hearing this: “Muuum, I won’t eat porridge!” or “Yuck! It’s soup again!”? Or maybe your child doesn’t let you cook asking “Why does oil sizzle?” or takes dough from the table to model out of it? Willy-nilly, mothers often start carrying out masterclasses in baking in their home kitchens. But what if you realize that it has become more than a passing fascination for your infant?

The most evident way to make your child self-actualize is to take them to kids baking classes! Your child will love cooking. Everybody knows that babies love imitating their parents’ activities, and cooking is not an exception. It is never too early for your little one to begin their first cooking education program. Definitely, your 4 year-old boy or girl won’t take a knife to chop meat or vegetables, but take some simple ingredients to mix them in a bowl. Children aged from 9 to 14 can melt butter or chocolate in the pan or put a cake into the stove. All infants will be involved in preparing food according to their age, which will unite them in one friendly team.

There is a lot of other additional benefits in attending baking classes - kids apply their math, reading, counting and measuring skills while cooking. These lessons are also a good opportunity for boys and girls to spend time with their friends. It is very easy to awake any infant’s interest in culinary arts so that he or she will start helping in the kitchen or even start for preparing meals themselves.

These fascinating masterclasses are also a great idea to spend your child’s birthday quite differently! There are lots of benefits of it: you won’t have to care for food or entertainment, because boys and girls will cook all meals themselves and be really into the process of baking; all kids will be under supervision of adults; they will all become involved in one common activity which will help children socialize, know how to work in groups, be helpful and realize their creative potential; develop motor skills while cooking; and others.

Mini chefs will learn a great amount about healthy and unhealthy foods, the world’s cuisines and kitchen utensils - their imagination will increase and they will spend time in a friendly atmosphere with lots of fun.

All lessons always end with tasting the cooked meals. Little chefs will be very proud of the dishes they prepared. And, of course, they will learn to appreciate hard labour after eating their food masterpieces.

Сooking is an art. And this art can change your kid’s life so that he or she will really love not only eating, but the process of making delicious foods! And what’s more… enjoying every minute spent in the kitchen may later become a future job!