Greek cuisine cooking classes

Are you constantly on the look out for healthy cuisines? You should definitely try Greek cuisine! It has inherited some of the best culinary traditions from both Eastern and Western influences. Do you want to treat yourself to something tasty and experience a brand-new cuisine? Join our Greek cooking class at Culinaryon - we will show you why it is called the best cuisine in the Mediterranean.

Greek cuisine is one of the oldest on the Earth – it has existed for more than 4,000 years. Nowadays it is hard to imagine this cuisine without fish, vegetables, seafood, cheese, olives or wine. Olive oil is the main ingredient for almost all traditional dishes, used as a dressing or for frying. Fresh or baked vegetables such as eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, onions or legumes are the favourite staples of local chefs. There is also a fantastic variety of seafood like octopus, squid, shrimp and cuttlefish, which can be served hot or cold, fried or stuffed, dried and smoked, salted and pickled, as a separate dish or as stuffing. Salt is hardly ever used, as they instead use lemons to amplify and intensify flavors. This is not forgetting thick Greek yogurt for both sauces and desserts... Mmm, sounds yummy!

In Greece there is an abundance of traditional and new fusion recipes. At our Greek cooking lessons you will pick up a little of both - for example, famous Greek salad with sliced cucumbers, tomatoes and a big piece of Feta cheese on top, delicious Dzadziki appetizer with yogurt, garlic and herbs, tasty and crispy Keftedes meatballs, potatoes or eggplants-based Moussaka stuffed with minced meat, Souvlaki kebabs on wooden sticks, piquant Avgolemono soup with chicken broth, eggs and lemon juice, and sweet Kataifi dessert made of special thinly cut dough, nuts and olive oil.

All Greek dishes look bright and appetizing, and it would be a waste not to try cooking them! Enroll in our Greek cuisine cooking classes now and experience an exciting and new way of cooking various dishes: delicious, nutritious and simple enough to recreate at home with your friends or relatives.

The average duration of the Greek cuisine master class is 3 — 3.5 hours.