Healthy Cooking

In today’s hectic world, it is difficult to find the right balance between healthy, yet convenient meal options. We opt for takeout and ready-made meals as we tend to think there is no time to cook healthy meals at home from scratch – or is there?

In our healthy cooking classes, we’ll teach you healthy, tasty and convenient recipes for your whole family that are manageable even during busy weekdays. Under the professional guidance of our Chefs, you will learn the best recipes, containing healthy grains, good fats, fresh vegetables, and other quality ingredients.

This class is a great team building option for you if your objective is to improve your team’s wellness and increase their work-life balance. Make your employees happy by starting with their diet and habits that impact their family lives. We guarantee you that positive changes in your employees’ personal lives can have even bigger positive impacts for your whole organisation!

For this team building session, we offer a variety of different menus adapted for different preferences and dietary concerns. Choose a focus on proteins, vegetarian dishes, or simply fast and easy healthy meals – whatever your preference, we can create a cooking experience for you!

At CulinaryOn, our chefs will show you that healthy food does not require much time, money or effort. It is easy to prepare, great for health and can be fun to eat! Whether it's a light salad, a dish with poultry or just steamed vegetables, or whether you're for or against gluten, fat or dairy-free dishes, be inspired to change your lifestyle for the better!

Let CulinaryOn inspire you on your team’s journey to self-improvement!

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Learning Outcomes:
Healthy Lifestyle
Healthy Cooking Class
Work-Life Balance
Employee Wellness