Italian cooking classes

If you hear about Italian cuisine, you probalbly imagine delicious spaghetti with thin slices of bacon, filled with sauce made of eggs and cheese. Want to discover more about Italian cooking and appreciate its bright and tender taste? We invite you to Italian cooking classes in our spacious culinary studio CULINARYON! Our professional Chefs will share the secrets of cooking pasta, pizza, risotto and many more recipes. Feel the flavor of sunny Italy and learn the true taste of delicious Italian cuisine! Traditions of Italian cuisine Italian dishes are not just a food – they are a significant part of the culture. Each meal is prepared from fresh ingredients and is seasoned with a temperamental spirit of Italians. Spices, herbs and sauces play a great role as they add special flavors to food. Italian cuisine includes thousands of recipes of cooking pasta, fish, seafood, meat, salads and desserts. Wine is usually a must on the Italian table. The basic ingredients for many Italian dishes are: balsamic vinegar, olive oil and olives; fresh vegetables like eggplants, lettuce, bell peppers and tomatoes; different types of cheeses - ricotta, mozzarella and parmigiana; seafood, beef, pepperoni and lean pork; spices such as garlic, oregano, rosemary, basil. To feel like you are a bit Italian it`s better to try making their culinary legends by yourself: Antipasti (prosciutto, carpaccio, bruschetta and caprese) Pizza (Margherita, Four Cheese Pizza, Capriccioso and Diablo) Pasta (There are hundreds or even thousands varieties of traditional Italian pasta!) Risotto (with mushrooms, poultry or seafood) Sauces Desserts (Tiramisu, Panna Cotta and many more). Each Italian master class is like a tour to South Europe gastronomic paradise with lots of interesting features and culinary traditions of this country. So why not plan and come to have a fantastic delicious journey through sunny Italy and its food masterpieces?! Bring your friends, enjoy wine and have lots of laugh in our studio. Average class duration is 3 — 3.5 hours.