Mystery Box

Experience our bestselling cooking game full of creative and crazy fun! Inspired by the hit TV show MasterChef, this is the top choice among our cooking team building competitions.

During the competition, each team is presented with a surprise box of mystery ingredients that will need to be used in a cooking competition. Within a limited time, and under intense gaze of our professional Chefs, participants have to whip up a professional meal a limited amount of time. The Chefs then judge the results based on presentation & plating, taste, and creativity. The team with the best judged dish wins the challenge!

Through this activity, the teams face multiple challenges.

What do you do when given completely random and contrasting ingredients? How do you incorporate chicken thigh with blue cheese? How many ways can you prepare an eggplant? And what about spices and toppings – how do they fit into the picture?

The Mystery Box challenge faces participants with an intense pressure of creativity and imagination. Together within teams, participants must come up with a way to combine all the given ingredients such that the resulting meal is not only delicious, but also presentable.

All this is made all the harder given that a successful competition of the challenge requires good teamwork skills. Will somebody in the team assume a leadership position, and distribute tasks to other team members? Or will participants pick up their knifes and pans automatically, without direction or discussion? The team will be challenged to learn how to communicate effectively, discuss openly, and manage collaboration on tasks efficiently.

Time management:
The final challenge is a time pressure of just 30 minutes to complete the cooking of the Mystery Box dish. Effective time management will be a necessary skill to develop in order to succeed in this team building game. Test your team’s capability to manage the tasks and project timeline well!

Pick Mystery Box Challenge for your next team building session – the best choice for your team’s next fun competition with valuable learning objectives.

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Learning Outcomes:
- Creative Problem Solving
- Time Management Skills
- Teamwork