Russian cuisine master classes

What do you know about Russian cuisine? It is not only about Borsch, Blinis with caviar or Olivier salad — in fact, it has a great variety of dishes with a rich and long history. In fact, what can be more exciting than trying to make some of them with your own hands? Discover some of the most mysterious and unique cuisines of the world at the Russian cuisine cooking classes at CULINARYON – it is something that you have never tried before. Every Russian dish is a real masterpiece. Due to Russia`s vast geography and harsh climate, it developed a diverse and rather heavy cuisine, which is knowen for the use of butter, oil, fat and salt. Traditionally, each meal consists of a starter, soup, the main course and a dessert. Bread is an essential accompaniment to every meal, as well as various small cold appetizers (homemade pickles, sour cabbage and salo). If you join our Russian cooking classes you will learn to make salads such as the extraordinary “Herring under the Fur Coat”, piquant Vinaigrette made of beetroot, peas and carrots, and the world-famous Olivier with vegetables, eggs, diced potatoes and ham. Soups also play an important part in Russian life: Borsch (beetroot soup), Shchi (cabbage soup) or fresh Okroshka (traditional cold soup with raw vegetables, sausage and kvass) show the true colorful taste of Russia. «Chicken Kiev» with buckwheat, the most popular Pelmeni (meat dumplings) and Beef Stroganov (sautéed beef in sour cream) represent the main course dishes. When it comes to desserts, there is no limit for a great variety of fillings for thin sunny pancakes, which our chefs will complement with kissel, mors or tea to finish the dinner in true Russian style. CULINARYON will let you feel the atmosphere of faraway Russia by cooking and tasting the most famous and delicious dishes of this impressive cuisine. Visit our Russian cuisine cooking classes to mastering new secrets and details of cooking – there is always something to discover. The average class duration is 3 — 3.5 hours.