Sabotage Kitchen

Are you up for some naughty play against your colleagues in the ultimate hilarious team building competition? If yes, then choose the kitchen where cutthroat is the only way to survive. Choose SABOTAGE!

Sabotage Kitchen is a team building activity where money management, cunningness, and ability to deal with the unexpected are the necessary skills to thrive.

At the beginning of the team building session, each team of participants is given $10,000 in fake money. During the cooking process of a 3-course CulinaryOn-style meal, teams are presented with opportunities to bid their money for a chance to sabotage one of the other teams and hinder their progress towards cooking the perfect dish.

Options of sabotage activities include funny costume dress-up, having to cook blindfolded, having to use only chopsticks to whisk egg whites, team sexy pasta dance, chuck a jug, and other hilarious games.

The challenge of Sabotage Kitchen is then threefold – to cook the chosen menu to the Chef’s satisfaction while being subjected to sabotages from other teams, and at the same time to sabotage the other teams effectively, while retaining the most money by the end of the cooking process.

Discover the hilarious Sabotage Kitchen team building experience!

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Learning Outcomes:
Crisis Management
Strategic Planning