Themed Cooking classes in Singapore CBD

Seafood delicacies club

The chef will teach you to cook delicious, healthy and light dishes of seafood and fish.

All about wine and more

We offer you professional wine degustations. We will teach you to understand the wine, to drink it properly and get a true delight happy from the process.

Vegetarian classes

Find an inspiration when cooking vegan meals. You would know the best authors’ recipes with cereals, vegetables, fruits and nuts on our master classes.

Junior chefs school

Exciting cooking classes for kids over 4 years.

Discover the secrets of cooking amazing pastry delights with CULINARYON chefs.

Meat lovers club

Our chefs open the secrets of the best meat choice and teach cooking the juicy marbled beef steaks or tenderloin baked with vegetables roast.

I love cheese

Cooking class about cheese and dishes it is perfect with.

Sweet life

There are many absolutely amazing combination of desserts flavors you could know about with CULINARYON chefs.

Cooking classes for housewifes

Discover the way to a man's heart and treat your kids with tasty and healthy dishes.

Culinary art for beginners

CulinaryOn chefs reveal your culinary potential and with masterly skill teach you cooking haute cuisine dishes.

Healthy dish

We do not count calories - we just cook delicious, gentle, tasty, juicy, spicy and absolutely different healthy dishes to delight your tastebuds!

Business Events

Trainings, presentations and delicious business meeting.

A variety of baking classes for kids in Singapore on Culinaryon. Your children will make friends with the dough.

Make a feast for your stomach and take a part in our cooking lessons to learn how to make dishes of Singaporean, Italian, Thai, Spanish and many more cuisines like a local. If you are a sweet tooth, we provide a wide variety of desserts: from a classic tiramisu to zabaionе with fresh berries. As for meat lovers we cook delicious lamb stew, succulent pork escalopes and many other mouth-watering masterpieces. Need baking lessons to reach perfection in Pastry? Our Pastry baking courses contain 2 types of dishes each and will let you cheer up your family with melting chocolate lava cake, crunchy Sicilian cannoli or much more. Interested in cocktails or mocktails? A professional mixologist will hold funny and engaging sessions telling exciting secrets of cocktail-making.