Art Party

PaintOn is a unique format of engaging and fun painting team building classes. You don’t need any skills to be able to create a masterpiece! Our professional painters will guide you along to way to show you how to paint a wonderful picture – a souvenir that you can take home with you for lasting memories.

We offer different formats of art jamming depending on your team’s preferences.

Individual Masterpiece:
Each team member gets to learn how to paint a specific painting on their own canvas. Choose from our gallery of over 60 different themed landscapes, portraits and abstracts, and have our in-house artist guide your guests on how to paint this piece from scratch and on their own. Each guest gets a unique souvenir to bring back home as a wonderful memento!

Team Artwork:
The best choice for fun team building if your objective is to encourage creativity and imagination among your team members. Participants work in teams of up to 6 on large canvases. The painting facilitator guides participants through a painting process of a predetermined art piece, yet the ultimate objective is for the teams to express their own creativity and put a unique spin on their artwork. Make it a creative challenge among the different teams and let the best one win!

Art Puzzle:
Perfect choice for new office opening, inter-department team building, and other special occasions! If you have extra space in your office where you’d like to put a team painting, this is the right choice for you. Participants work in teams on large canvases and paint different pieces of a single painting, which will then be put together at the end of the bonding session. The challenge is for all the pieces of the puzzle to match perfectly!

Come and learn how to paint while having great food, drinks, and enjoy the unique atmosphere! Even if you have never painted, we will help you discover your artistic potential.

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Learning Outcomes:
Art Class
Art Jamming
Puzzle Painting
Art Team Building