Culinary art for beginners

Are you a cooking enthusiast that follows culinary public groups on social networks, watch every culinary show available, and often want to whip up something tasty and simple for your family or friends? If you are in love with culinary arts, or dream of becoming a professional chef some day, come enroll in CulinaryOn’s cooking class for beginners! We’ll show you that you can do more than you think! Many people may be able to cook well but some are tired of the same home recipes. Others may have never used a knife and want to learn useful kitchen techniques. Our team of brilliant chefs are ready to share their knowledge on culinary art for beginners and help develop your cooking potential! Our inspiring and delightful cooking classes are eye-opening experiences for everyone, yet fun and relaxing. CulinaryOn will bring out the chef in you! During this master-class for amateur cooks, our chefs will start with the ins and outs and present all cooking steps in detail - from the finest selection of ingredients, the best processing and preparation techniques, and the appropriate amount of spices required for dish serving. You will learn necessary cooking principles to help you make your first culinary masterpiece! After a few hours, our students will start feeling like experts in haute-cuisine recipes and popular desserts, as well as learn about useful kitchen utensils and food storing. So come kickstart your cooking journey, or fine-tune your culinary skills at our inspiring cooking master-classes! Simply pick your favorite cuisines and let us unravel your inner Chef. No matter how skillful you are in the kitchen – there will always be something new to discover at CulinaryOn. The average class duration is 3 — 3.5 hours.