Culinary art for beginners

Anyone can cook but not everyone knows about its own skills!

However the CulinaryOn chefs reveal your culinary potential and with masterly skill teach you cooking haute cuisine dishes. Cooking classes for beginners are full of tricks and secrets and our chefs use best endeavours to put your wise on cooking as the real art! Cooking classes for beginners starts from ins and outs and includes all cooking stages in details: from the best products choice and their proper treatment, cutting, cooking and ideal spices to the exclusive food presentation. These main cooking principles for beginners are the basic knowledges which help to cook the first culinary masterpiece. Come to see how interesting and entertaining can be cooking and try to fine-tune your current culinary skills.

We are glad to invite you to CulinaryOn studio on our exciting master-classes, just choose your favorite cuisine! The main thing in cooking is start! The first culinary victory may be before you can say CulinaryOn.

Average class duration is 3 — 3.5 hours.

Culinary master-classes