Sweet life

Can’t imagine your day without cakes or chocolate? Or maybe on the contrary, you are not passionate about sweets at all? Whether it is a yes or a no, we would like to invite you to try the best dessert that would completely change your mind. It will be much better than anything you can order from a cafe or desserts place - it is what you will be creating yourself! Discover an incredible world of delectable desserts at CulinaryOn and get ready for some truly sweet indulgence! No meal is complete without dessert, hence it is definitely important if you want to learn how to prepare a full-course meal! They add some sweet notes at the end of each meal, bringing delight and gastronomical pleasures. The best known desserts are much simpler to recreate than you think! Fresh berry soufflé, classic New York cheesecake, crispy mille-feuille with vanilla sauce, creamy and tender Tiramisu, light Viennese strudel and the famous «Fondant au chocolat» with hot chocolate filling... All these and many more incredible combinations of desserts flavors await you at CulinaryOn’s Desserts Class! At our desserts cooking class, get ready to plunge into a world of sweet decadence! Firstly, learn how to choose the right ingredients and special preparation techniques. Then, our chefs will teach you to create fantastically delicious and sweet desserts under their supervision. Do not worry, everyone will find a dessert that delivers true bliss, and make it like a pro confectioner! Of course, during this Open Master Class, you will get to enjoy your tasty masterpieces once they are ready, with tea or coffee. Recipes will be sent to you after your class attendance, so that you can continue to wow your family or friends with your delicious creations. Our mission is to teach everyone to bake fast, easily and with pleasure. Sign up and embark on the sweetest journey with us! The average duration of this Open Master Class is 3 — 3.5 hours.