Saint Valentine Day

Coming on February 14 and widely celebrated among people of all ages all over the World, it is the perfect time to express your feelings and tell about your love.

At the same time Valentine’s Day can become a good reason to bring new exciting memories to your love story.

What are you planning to cook for your loved one this Valentine's Day? What is his or her favorite recipe to get in the lovely mood?

CULINARYON offers romantic and very special collection of authors’ recipes for Valentine's Day dinner: it’s a sensual three-course meal that's rich in flavors but light enough to have love adventure after the dinner!

All you have to do is to come to our studio and to enjoy unforgettable time with your beloved one! Get lovin’!
Scallops with asparagus sauce saffron
Linguini with langiustines
Chocolate mango and ricotta cake

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