Wine Las Vegas

The noble world of wines, combined with the thrill of Las Vegas, brought to you in an exclusive blind tasting wine masterclass under CulinaryOn’s new brand WineOn. Join us for a unique sensory experience – an evening of wine drinking and fun games!

Wine Las Vegas is an educational fun activity conducted by our CulinaryOn skilled bartenders. Guests are taken on an exciting journey, which begins with dressing up as imaginary Las Vegas characters. Do you want to be The Great Gatsby, Marilyn Monroe, or James Bond for the evening? Come to us – you can be anything you want!

Once guests take their place around a casino roulette-inspired table, the party game begins. Guests are poured a tasting portion from a mystery wine bottle, fully covered so that its characteristics are hidden.

The bartender invites all guests to see, smell, and sip their wine. Following that, guests use their own personalised casino playing chips to bet on the elements of the wine that they think they can guess correctly. The elements represented on the table include grape variety, vintage (year of production), country of origin, alcohol percentage, and others.

After betting is closed, the bartender unveils the bottle, announces the winning bets, and distributes winnings accordingly from his bank. The unveiling of the bottle is also accompanied by the bartender's story about the terroir, the history and aroma of the tasted wine.

The game continues for multiple rounds, which usually consist of half white, half red wines. The tasting rounds are interlaid with different exciting activities, such as wine trivia game, spinning of the roulette, and other challenging elements. A dinner served by our CulinaryOn Chefs can also accompany the party and complete the evening into a full experience.

At the end of the evening, the player with most chips wins, and a prize is awarded!

Find out more details at http://events.culinaryon.sg/lasvegasparty

Don’t miss the exclusive opportunity to try this new team building game – the only of its kind in the whole of Singapore! Join us for a thrilling Las Vegas adventure!

Learning Outcomes:
Wine Appreciation
Wine Tasting Class
Risk Management