Sailing tour to Ponza

Take a look at the itinerary photos, but for the full experience a sailing tour among the most picturesque Mediterranean islands is a must…

A great mix of sailing, history and nature, all in one Sailing Holiday aboard a comfortable and luxurious yacht on a one-way route from Procida to Ponza, so that each day will bring new and amazing sceneries. This is a special sailing tour for those who want to visit Italian islands rich in folklore and natural beauty, away from the crowds! Read here our most successful itinerary from the serene atmosphere of the old dock and the colorful village of Procida, with its ancient vineyards, to the narrow streets and uphill houses, plastered in chalk pastel colors when not in pure dazzling white, characteristic of Ponza. a true Paradise on Earth!


1 day Procida

Embarkation will be on the island of Procida, a small fishing island, famous for being the set of the film "The Postman". The island is easily reached in 30 minutes by frequent hydrofoils departing from the port of Naples. After accommodation in your cabin, we will dedicate the evening to the atmosphere of the old dock and the colorful village. A tip is to walk up to the castle to see both side of the island in a wonderful sunset scenery. You can't miss to taste the typical salad with "cedro", the giant lemon of this island.

2 day Ischia

After a relaxing breakfast, we set sail to Ischia, the biggest island of the gulf of Naples. The island of Ischia, already rich in hot springs with numerous therapeutic virtues, renowned worldwide for the Baths of Ischia, also enjoys a lucky geographic location ensures that the entire island climatic and environmental conditions ideal for restoring the body and spirit. Ischia and its thermal springs, parks, spas, in an environment consisting of the rocky cliffs of Epomeo, from the rolling hills covered with vineyards, from restful pine woods, fresh sea breeze, the beaches and the many, suggestive panoramas make the ancient land of Inarime a kind of sweet enchanted garden where you can enjoy the benefits of the springs eternal youth, but not only. We can also choose to visit Aragonese Castle or have some shopping in the fashion shops of St. Angelo.

3 day Ventotene

Today a real, beautiful sailing trip to the southern island of Pontine: the enchanting Ventotene. Here you'll have the sensation of being in a place out of time! The old, small Roman port carved into the stone; the small village of colorful houses nestled on the hill, rich with picturesque views; the freshly caught fish restaurants and maybe even a visit to the archaeological site, the Roman Aqueduct and the ancient Roman Imperial Villa, called Villa Julia from the name of Emperor Augustus who was relegated in the II century. B.C. for failing to meet the "Lex Julia" which regulated public morals of the Romans. For those who prefer the modern history, on the islet of St. Stephen, which is about 2 Km from Ventotene, a penitentiary was built to accommodate two hundred prisoners already in 1795 under the Bourbon Kingdom. The prison now can be visited. But do not forget that Ventotene also offers countless bays with green and turquoise waters where you can spend wonderful hours of sun and sea bathing.

4 day Ventotene

Another beautiful day on the other side of Ventotene and in the afternoon we will set sail to Ponza. During the sail we will make an exciting encounter: in the midst of deep open waters is the stumbling block "the barrel": a stack and imposing cliff that appears like a mirage on our way.

5 day Ponza - Zannone Islands

The island of Ponza has an area of less than 8 sq. Km, its shape makes it look like a tongue of rock reaching out to the continent not far away, from tip to tip, it is little more than 7 km. The narrow streets and uphill, houses plastered in chalk pastel colors when not in pure white are characteristic of Ponza, but most of all Ponza is unique for its natural beauty. Lots of bays, natural arches and spectacular rock formations, the beach of Chiaia di Luna with the white cliffs that lead the crystal waters and the possibility to visit a unique site: the caves, elaborately and perfectly carved even under the sea level, were certainly used for fish farming, particularly of Moray eels, a fish considered sacred by the Romans for its alleged propitiatory functions. There are also many opportunities for those who love diving. One of the diving spot not to be missed is the "Landing Ship Tank", a flat-bottomed vessel used to transport troops and heavy equipment, that sank in February 1943. The wreck lies on a sandy bottom in navigation position with the bow at 25 m. and the stern at 22 m. You can see it also snorkeling thanks to the crystal waters of Ponza!

6 day Palmarola Island

Palmarola, surrounded by the Mediterranean, is one of the few places in the world that can boast of natural beauty still pristine, with a resplendent vegetation and clear sea that surrounds it. Palmarola was defined by Folco Quilici one of the most beautiful islands in the world: a small desert Island full of caves you will explore with our dinghy, and impressive arch and rock spots to dive from. There are no words to describe this place, you have to see it!

7 day Palmarola and Ponza Island

We will decide to spend our last day between Palmarola and Ponza, to make nice memories and photos. But for the sunset we have to be at Frontone beach in Ponza: here Friday night is celebrated with cocktails and music at the beach, it is great fun and accessible only by sea. Our sailing tour will finish with a night at the anchor in front of the Port of Ponza and disembarking the morning after.