CULINARYON is the largest recreational cooking studio in Europe. The first studio was opened November 22, 2012 in central Moscow and it immediately became a place to relax and have the best tasty time with a glass of wine.


Our clients are delighted to learn how to cook, to have fun team building sessions, to celebrate special events or just spend quality time with friends and family in our unique atmosphere. 

CULINARYON is a unique business without competition. Our few "competitors" occupy a very different niche in the market by focusing on other target audiences: professional chefs and housewives. CULINARYON - a fundamentally new approach to business: we are not just a culinary school, we - «FUN cooking place». We first of all have fun and then very, very tasty.


We are looking for motivated franchisees with an active lifestyle and experience of running your own business. From potential franchisees first of all we expect the desire to develop. The success of our franchisees depends on the reputation of the company and we want to find a kindred spirit who shares our values.


We offer to potential partners the right to development of our business model under the brand CULINARYON.

CULINARYON concept is unique not only for Russian market but and for global market as well. Out target is to open by 2020 more than 30 studios worldwide. The potential cities for worldwide expansion in franchising are in the USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, Asia, South Africa and Australia.


We have a strong economic model. By investing $ 1,3 mln and $100,000 as a franchise fee our business partner get a high profitability (EBITDA up to 25%) and rapid payback (2.5 years). Our business model for the USA, UK, Singapore and other countries is designed on the premise of:


•    Space of 700m2 with two rooms with two separate entrances to the premium shopping center or street-retail. 

•    A convenient location in the city center

•    The windows, ceiling 3m high

•    Water inlet

•    Electricity 100kW

•    Ventilation and a/c system

•    Internet 15 Mb/s.


We provide our franchisees with the step-by-step business manuals so you may be sure that we will help you to create a profitable business. By purchasing a franchise CULINARYON, you will receive:


•     The right to use the brand CULINARYON

•     Brand-book (manual corporate identity),

•     A complete set of tools and technologies for business

•     Detailed instructions for employees Layouts

•     POS-materials

•     Access to proprietary

•     CRM Advice and support to the Moscow office Education and training of personnel

•     Marketing support

•     and much more ...


We will arm you with all the necessary tools to create a profitable business! Join our team! Together we will create the largest recreational cooking studio chain! To know everything about the franchise CULINARYON, contact us!