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Unique End Of Year Party Venues In Singapore

If you’re like most working adults, the end of the year is the most delightful time of the year as bonuses are being paid out and annual leaves are being cleared. However, for human resource or administrative workers, it is also the most hectic as they need to calculate the bonus pay out and remind (or nag!) people to clear their leave. To add on to their workload, these people are usually the ones who will be organising your company’s end of year party! To help them, we have put together this useful guide on unique venues for end of year parties so it’s not just going to be a dinner and lucky draw for the jaded.

1) S.E.A. Aquarium

Instead of the usual sit down dinner, why not have a party at the S.E.A Aquarium? Let the fishes entertain your colleagues and there is no need to hire any other entertainers. Just leave your flash photography at home and maybe just rethink having fish on your menu.

2) Singapore Flyer

Also known as the giant ferris wheel of Singapore, currently the world’s second tallest observation wheel standing at 165 meters. Each of the 28 capsules is about the size of a mini-bus and can hold up to 28 people. You will be able to dine, have drinks and socialise, while admiring the beautiful night scene of Singapore at the same time,. This venue is also good if you do not want people to leave the party early or straight after the lucky draws have ended.

3)  Luxury Yacht

For landlocked, cubicle dwelling minions, I mean workers, few would pass on a chance to go out to sea, especially if it’s on a luxury yacht. Book a private chef and bartender to come along on the yacht and everyone will feel the carefree sensation that only being on water would bring.

4) Universal Studios

Singapore’s biggest amusement park can be a year-end party venue as well. Take your pick from a backdrop of castles, Hollywood, New York, sci-fi, ancient Egypt, Jurassic Park or Madagascar. Your colleagues will be busy taking selfies to brag on their social media that no one will notice that the lucky draw prizes are not as good as the previous year’s. Hmm...


5) CulinaryOn

What? We have to cook the food at our own year-end party? This would be what most of your colleagues would think. Before they can come up with excuses to skip the event, entice them with what CulinaryOn is all about. It’s not just a normal cooking class. It’s Europe’s and Asia’s largest culinary entertainment centre! The talented (and entertaining) chefs will be teaching participants how to cook restaurant standard dishes. There’s no standing awkwardly around people you sit next to at the office, trying to make painful small talk at this party. This is a fully hands on class and you can choose to cook Italian, Spanish, French or any other cuisines of the world. Yummy appetisers are available for participants before the cooking class starts, in case anyone is hungry. You do not need to worry about the decorations as well. The studios will be glammed up according to your specifications. The in-house DJ can also customise a celebratory musical atmosphere for your perfect end of year party. A professional photographer will be darting around unobtrusively to capture all the smiling faces - the requisite photos for your company’s newsletter, of course! There is no need to worry about washing up or cleaning as all these will be handled by the employees. Delicious food, drinks, engaging activities and entertaining hosts, what else could you possibly look for? This would be the perfect end of year party that your colleagues would be recollecting to all their friends and family for years to come. Wait no more and contact CulinaryOn now!