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Five Things To Consider When Planning A Team Building Event

When people hear “Team Building”, it is usually accompanied by a collective sigh as they think that it is a waste of the company’s time and money. They have doubts that putting people together for one day doing something outside of the working environment can lead to productive outcomes.

However, if planned properly, team building can deliver exceptional results. Since there is no running away from team building, why not make the best of it? Here, we highlight five important aspects that should be considered when it comes to planning your next team building event so as to achieve maximum results.

  1. Identify the objective

This is the foundation to planning a successful team building event. What are you expecting to get out of this event? Is it to improve communication between departments or within departments? Is your team getting too laid back and there is a need to rejuvenate their ideas? Are you trying to bridge the gap between the proletariat and the management? By determining the aim of the event, you will have an easier time sieving out the kind of activities that would help you realise your goal.

  1. Establish the budget available

How much funds do you have to spend on your team building event? The amount of money available directly impacts the activities that would be accessible to you. When you contact an external vendor to organise an event for you, they will invariably ask for your budget. This is so that they can tailor suitable kinds of activities within your budget. Typically, the cost per headcount will decrease if you have more participants.

Location, amenities and the kind of refreshments provided will all affect the cost of the event. Scrutinise the budget like a hawk. There is nothing worse than having a posh location for the event and ending up having not much funds left for refreshments.

  1. Suitable location and activity

Once you have decided on the objective and the budget available, it is time now to decide on the actual location of the event. Is it going to be indoors or outdoors? Is it more physically inclined or mentally? Some venues, like hotel function rooms are good if you are planning to have indoor activities. For outdoor events, take note of the time of the year and make sure to have a wet weather backup plan.

It would be beneficial to seek suggestions from your team on what they would like to do, since the event is for them. This will ensure that the activity would be enjoyed by all. They might have some conditions that you might not know about (like they have sensitive skin and cannot be under the sun or maybe they cannot stomach the taste of fish).

  1. Resources required

Does your team building event require an external coordinator? Is it an island wide treasure hunt that requires participants to drive or take public transport? Do you need a photographer or videographer to record down the day’s event? Think of all the possible props that you would require to make your team bonding event successful.

  1. Special needs of participants

Are there any people with special dietary needs in your team? What about physically? Are your participants mostly millennials or middle age people? Take extra note of this to avoid having anyone feeling left out of the team. Plan the activity so that everyone is included and has fun at the same time.

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Hopefully this post can help you get started on organising your team building event.



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