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Eight Ways To Make Your Team Building Event Memorable

Have you ever returned from a team building event and just forgot all about it the next day? The camaraderie that was formed during the event, the lessons learnt – how do you actually make them stick in your participants’ minds? Here, we highlight eight techniques to ensure that your team building event would be reminisced fondly by your participants.

1. Create a buzz before the event
Connect with your attendees before the event. Send them emails to remind them to come and provide them with an itinerary with enticing photos. Make them look forward to the event.

2. Leave job titles at the door
No one wants to be paired with the GM of the company. What if you say something wrong? Will you get fired? Remind your participants that during the team bonding activities, everyone is equal and there is no class divide. The whole point of the event is for the team to connect, so get everyone on the same level and the event will be much more enjoyable for all.

3. Create an unforgettable atmosphere
Mood lighting, colours of the decorations, music – all these make or break an event. Make the venue comfortable and conducive for participants to concentrate on having an awesome time.

4. Arrange fun and engaging activities for all participants
This point is self-explanatory. Research has shown that when people experience heightened positive emotions, they tend to rate the event more favourably. Happy people are also more likely to share their thoughts and feelings.

5. Delicious food
One of the most important sensory functions in the human body - the sense of taste. Do not ruin your event by having substandard fare. Tasty food and drinks rank highly in determining if the team building event was worth going to. Make your participants drool over the cuisine and you have already won them over.

6. Entertaining hosts
Appoint hosts who are likeable and able to put a smile on your participants’ faces. They should be able to spring surprises on the participants and not afraid to be a comedian for a day.

7. Make everyone a winner
Even if your team bonding event was in the form of a competition, make the competition friendly and tell everyone at the end of the event that there are no losers in the event – everyone is a winner. The intention is not for Type A people to get overly competitive. This would defeat the purpose of the event. Take extra notice of the introverts and the shy ones in your team.

8. Closing keynotes
Always thank your participants for taking their precious time to attend and have a short presentation at the end to wrap up the main themes of the team bonding event. Prepare some memorabilia to gift to your participants when they are leaving. This will allow them to have a memento of the event and they will be reminded of it whenever they see it. Send the photos taken at the event to the participants via email and they will have a nice surprise a few days after the event.

This is it, just eight simple ways to make your team building event that much more memorable than a team lunch at a generic location. Hope this post has inspired you to think out of the box when organising your next event!

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