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Six Kinds of People You Will Find In Your Office

Much like your family, you can’t choose your co-workers (unless you own the company). If you have worked in an organisation before, you would have already experienced first-hand the endless politicking that inevitably takes place. Below are a few types of people that you may find in your workplace. Read on and see which you identify with!


1. The Boss

The one whom everyone fears and respects. Usually the one who comes in last and leaves first. Lunch breaks for them are normally two to three hours long. Their speciality is delegation. You will never find them at the copier machine or the coffee machine. They have an assistant who does all the “menial” jobs for them. Their main focus at work is to sign documents, woo clients and generally to instil fear in their subordinates.

2. The old timer a.k.a. the know it all

The old timer has been with the company since it first started. He or she has seen the changes in the countless management teams and has become quite jaded at work. Their daily routine at work is so finely tuned that they can finish their whole day’s work in half a day, but they choose to drag it out so that they don’t get additional workloads. They know all the different quirks of each department but they rarely share their precious knowledge with others as they fear that they may become redundant.

3. The millennial a.k.a. Gen Y

Fresh out of school, the millennial is keen to learn everything there is to the job. Their boundless enthusiasm sickens the old timer as they think that they are trying to bootlick the Boss. Millennials are seldom not seen without their mobile devices, be it a tablet or a smart phone. Powerpoint presentations by the millennials are often full of light and sounds but lack depth and profundity.

4. The health obsessed and the athletes

They store their green smoothies in the pantry’s fridge and hop to the gym during lunchtime. You hardly see them socialising with colleagues outside of work as they are fanatical about keeping fit and are always working out. They seldom take medical leave and when they do go on vacations, it is usually to yoga retreats or to adventure trips in New Zealand.

5. The overly shy or the solitary worker

You hardly notice this type of worker, they scarcely make any noise at work. The only trace of their existence is the stain that their coffee mug made on the pantry table. They dart in and out of the office unnoticed and nobody seems to know where they go at lunchtimes. They have no cliques in the office and many consider them “weird” without trying to get to know them better.

6. The passionate luncher a.k.a. the foodie

Lunch time = fun time! They eagerly count down the minutes, no, seconds, to lunch time where they can explore the neighbouring restaurants and eating places. They often hunt in packs and you can be sure that they are not chummy with the health obsessed and the athletes. If you eat to live, they live to eat. When you get hungry in the office, you can count on them to have some snacks stashed under their desks. Just be nice to them and they might share them with you.

Hope you liked this tongue-in- cheek review of the different characters in an organisation. From the myriad of personalities, which one do you belong to? For the organiser of team bonding activities, how would you ask a millennial to mingle with an old timer? Even worse, would the health obsessed scorn the foodies’ lunch choices?

At CulinaryOn, regardless of the number of characters in your organisation, we can customise a team bonding activity to suit your specific needs. Does the Boss need to appear less scary to the overly shy? Noted. Do you need the old timers to be less cynical and share job tips with the Gen Ys in the future? No problem. Contact us now and let us help you!

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