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Hen’s Night Or Birthday Parties Celebration Ideas

Hen’s night, a.k.a. bachelorette party, a.k.a. a party held for a woman about to get married. It’s similar to a birthday party in the sense that there’s one VIP, and they’re both celebrated together with best friends. Forget all the tried and tested boring party ideas. Here, we present to you a few extraordinary ideas that you may choose to steal for your celebratory parties.

  1. Laser tag

A tag game played with lasers, this activity is suitable for the physically inclined. You can choose to play it indoors or outdoors, you can even choose to play it at your chosen location if permission has been granted. There’s no mess and pain to this game, unlike paint ball. Choose from an array of laser tag events company in Singapore and compare their different pricing packages.

  1. Trampoline party

A few indoor trampoline parks have recently sprouted in Singapore. Do not think that this is only for kids. You can choose to hold you party at these parks. You and your guests can busy yourselves with jumping on the trampolines and getting that adrenaline rush when you master a back flip. Definitely a unique experience for all. Most of these parks have a function room where you can cater food for your guests as well. Fun fact: 10 minutes of trampolining is equivalent to 30 minutes on the treadmill! That’s another reason for the bride-to-be to hold her hen’s party at a trampoline park.

  1. Dance class

Bollywood, belly, jazz, ballroom or pole dancing, take your pick from the different styles available and have a professional instructor guide you and your friends along. Don’t take yourself too seriously and just enjoy yourselves. Who knows, you might even discover a hidden talent! A selection of dance studios in Singapore offer one off classes and help with party decorations as well.

  1. Staycation

If the above ideas are much too strenuous for you and you’d prefer to have a relaxing party, book a hotel in Singapore and have a calming staycation. Engage manicurists and facialists and have a spa party for you and a few friends. You can also invite a professional perfumist to your party so that you and your friends can create your own personal scent on the spot. When all the pampering is done, you can still go for a swim at the hotel’s pool.

  1. Cooking class at CulinaryOn

Step into a cooking studio for your next party and have fun cooking with your friends. You don’t even need to cater food for this party as you’ll be cooking restaurant standard dishes for yourselves. There’s no need to go to the grocery store to purchase the ingredients or do the dishes once you’re done cooking, the studio will take care of all this for you. At CulinaryOn, labelled the “Disneyland of Culinary Experiences” by Singapore’s Business Times, there’s a bartender to attend to your drinks orders as well. Photographers will make sure that your happiest moments are caught on camera for keepsakes. Have a friendly competition with your friends to see who can roll the longest pasta. The in-house deejay will keep your party going with pumping beats while you learn to cook. At the end of the night, sip your champagne as you cut into your birthday cake (or hen’s night cake). What could be more perfect than this?


We hope we’ve presented some beneficial options for your next birthday party or hen’s night party. Happy planning!