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8 Reasons to Arrange Team Appreciation Events

Employee recognition offers a variety of advantages. One of such advantages is in the form of employee retention. The ability to retain employees means that you do not often lose top talent that you would rather keep. Whether it is a family carnival, cooking event or an ice cream social, the practice helps both you and your employees or team members. Team Building activity and employee appreciation events are a show of good will as well as a source of inspiration for team members. Such events allow you the opportunity to let your employees know that you value them which in turn help increase productivity and augment innovative thinking.

Here are 8 Reasons Why You Should Engage in Team Appreciation Events.

  1. It Helps to Show Your Loyalty

Team building parties and appreciation events show your team members that the organization recognizes, values and appreciates the work they do for the organization. Appreciating your team members and staff members makes them feel like valued participants in the organization which increases the likelihood of them showing loyalty to your organization.

  1. It Works in Strengthening the Organization's Community

Employee appreciation activities are a suit approach to team building and team bonding. These activities usually help strengthen your organization's culture as well as unite the teams which take part in these events.

  1. Employee Appreciation Events Help Level the Playing Field

Employee appreciation events allow for the interaction of people who occupy different ranks with the employees in a less formal setting. The activity helps them find common grounds and similarities, and therefore the event helps unite all team members in your organization.

  1. Work Life and Home Life Appreciation

When you hold an event where you invite employees and their families to an event, it serves to demonstrate that you care about their life both inside and outside of their work environment. The support that the employees receive at home is precious to them, especially if they work for longer hours.

  1. Morale Boosting

The fact that these events boost morale seems obvious, but if your work environment is without the least amount of fun, people won't have a reason to stay. At times when employees leave, you lose top talent which is not a good thing for your organization. Appreciation events such as corporate entertainment gigs, Christmas parties, and culinary events help in breaking work monotony, and they also boost morale amongst your staff members.

  1. Encourage the Sharing of Knowledge

Off-workplace events encourage knowledge sharing. If team members have a shared interest in golf or table tennis, taking part in such activity can spark a new connection and act as an icebreaker activity for a more in-depth chat or conversation. By placing employees outside the confines of the office environment, you will stimulate their curiosity and trigger their innovative thinking and approach to matters. Again, team members will feel more comfortable sharing ideas even after the corporate team building event.

  1. Teamwork Enhancement

Team Appreciation events help in enhancing collaboration among employees. Improved collaboration results in increased productivity and consequently profitability.

  1. Improved Communication within Organization

An Employee recognition event act as an ice breaker activity among members of staff in an organization which then helps improve communication across all levels of the organization.

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