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10 Ways to Make Your Team Building Memorable

The responsibility of organizing and facilitating a team building and appreciation event or any corporate activity comes with a fair amount of pressure. Therefore, you need to bear in mind some tricks and ways to make the event have a fun and memorable appeal. The following ten ideas might help you create a fun and memorable team bonding and appreciation event.


  1. The Magical Wow Factor

Begin by selecting an elegant venue. Such a venue does not have to be a high end and costly setting but rather a place that looks the part. After you decide which site you will place your event, it becomes relatively easier to point out the wow factor. Such a factor is about the little details such as lighting, event space, location, good food, ambience, comfort and a good view. It doesn't necessarily have to be about everything in this list but whatever it is it must facilitate fun, and good memories. The wow factor is mostly about the experience, to say the least. The activity must be something that one can characterize as random rather than something that happens every day at your employee's place of work.

  1. Great Team Building Activities

The choice of team building activity can make or break a corporate event. It should make your event memorable for the right reasons. Do not spend too much time using the grounds of the venue as this might fatigue your teams. Also, pick and engage in easily accessible activities that are reasonably challenging. Again, you should know when to pull the plug on any activity once you realize that such activity is not working. You should have several team building ideas in case some prove to be ineffective.

  1. Communicate with Your Event Manager

If both you and your event manager have a shared understanding of the event's goal and direction, the whole process becomes much more fun and smoother. The event manager will as well be able to take care of everyone with relative ease and make the event even more enjoyable. Don't forget to have some fun because that is part of the entire team building exercise.

  1. Consider acquiring a Professional Team to Help With the Event

A corporate event will benefit greatly from the benefit of having a professional team that can deal with technical and logistical challenges. If your guests find that everything has been put in place when they arrive at the venue, they will feel more valued, and this will help them make the most of the team bonding event. For instance, you choose the theme of the team bonding to be a cooking event; you may hire a professional company such as CulinaryOn who will provide you with a culinary studio and technical support as well.

  1.    Create a Group Check-in On Arrival

The check-in applies if you have a large group of guests. The check-in helps ensure that each person knows the day's plans and where they are supposed to be or which team the planner has allocated the individuals.

  1. Daylight and Air Conditioning

If your event is to take place indoors, you need a place that has good as lighting opposed to a cramped and stuffy room or setting. A well-aerated room keeps your guests feeling comfortable and in a good mood. The two features help keep the wow factor ablaze.

  1. Themes for Dinner

A theme for your guests' dinner is in most cases a genius idea. Choose maybe an inoffensive foreign theme that is not too cliché for your guests. If you find that you are not confident that having a theme for your dinner will make your guests happy, you can always drop the plan to theme the dinner.

  1. Stand Out as the Main Group

If you make efforts to stand out as the main group, your plans will flow smoother, and the staff and everyone involved will be more attentive to your needs and plans. However, this does not mean that the staff should ignore minority groups. Everyone should get the support that everyone needs.

  1. Capture the Moments

Recording the event on video or through photographs helps in preserving good memories for future reference. If your guests have copies of photographs that they took during a corporate event, that will keep them motivated, and they will also attract new talent to your company or business once your guests share their pictures from the event through social media. You can hire professional photographers or make some arrangements with your hosts, and they will make arrangements for you. Also, remember to have banners, caps, t-shirts with your company's logo or find a way to associate your brand with the team building party. For instance, if you choose to engage your teams in cooking team building, you can have your logo printed or embodied on aprons.

  1. Take your Time when Choosing Menus

The food that the people eat usually becomes a centerpiece in how they remember the event. Make sure that the food is on point. As for help and relevant information before choosing what menus you intend to offer your guests. Bad food equals a bad party.

We hope that you have tremendous success with your corporate team building and appreciation party. To ensure success with your team bonding activity, contact us to source a great venue. At Culinaryon, we offer culinary team building support and place. We are a Singapore based corporate entertainment company.