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Activities To Build Confidence In Your Kids

Raising a child is so much more than just feeding, clothing and educating him or her. Instilling practical life skills and promoting confidence in kids is as much important as providing the correct nutrients to their diets. A confident child will grow up to be a happy and healthy adult who will find success in whatever that he or she does. Try to include some of the below activities in your child’s daily life to increase their confidence! As the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child”.

  1. Create a chores chart

Having your child help around the house with the chores and increasing their confidence at the same time? We’re in! This is a win-win situation for both the parent and the child. The parents can have a lessened work load off their shoulders and the child gains responsibilities and time management skills. Learning how to do the laundry, ironing, sweeping, mopping and other household chores prepares them for their future you can be sure they won’t be bringing home truckloads of laundry every weekend when they start to live in college dormitories. If you have a few children, rotate the chores amongst them and you can save on engaging external housekeeping fees too!

  1. Encourage them to pick up a sport or other physical activity

Whether it’s track and field, football or dance, encourage your child to be more active in their lives. Lively, healthy kids usually have better posture and we all know that better posture creates the illusion of a more confident person. What the body does, the mind reciprocates. Over time, your child will be confident without even trying - it would have been ingrained in him or her already.

  1. Volunteer

Bring your child to an old folks’ home to interact with the lonely seniors or to an animal shelter to pet the stray cats and dogs. By showing them that they are capable of caring for others in the world, their self-esteem will increase.

  1. Travel to a foreign country

Seeing new sights and sounds will broaden your child’s viewpoint. They will be less scared of the unknown and it will a great chance for you to teach them about the different cultures that exist on earth. Being confident and being arrogant is a thin line and a child needs to know that the world is huge and that he or she is not the centre of the universe. Respect for others is part of being confident.

  1. Find their hidden talent

Expose your child to an array of activities so that you can eventually discover what he or she is good at. Is your child musically inclined? If so, enrol them in an instrument’s course. Does he or she excel at sports? Let them join a local team and train. Is he good in the arts, always doodling on your walls? Put that creativity on paper and let his imagination go wild! Once your kids know what they are good at, they will feel good about themselves when they are spending time doing it.

  1. Learn a new skill – cooking

Nobody is born knowing how to cook. Everyone has to start somewhere, why not when they are young? Teaching children how to cook imparts to them healthy eating habits. There is less likely of a chance that they would grow up to be overweight adults. Cooking as a family leads to more quality time spent together. Confident kids are usually from families that are committed and secured.

Learning how to cook as a child leads to a whole host of other benefits as well. Reading comprehension increases as children need to read to follow the recipe’s instructions. Children become aware of the hazards in the kitchen and are less likely to get injured. Knowledge of food hygiene increases and there is understanding that food, if prepared incorrectly, can lead to poisoning. Planning and time management skills are polished as they need to know when to add in what ingredients. Mathematical skills are developed when they are required to weigh ingredients and sometimes there is the need to convert pounds or cups to grams or millilitres.

Once your child masters a few recipes, give him or her the chance to cook the family meal alone once or twice a week. This will greatly boost their self-confidence.

A great place to start learning how to cook is at CulinaryOn. At CulinaryOn, we regularly conduct cooking classes especially tailored for children. Contact us now to secure a spot for your child and look forward to him or her being a more confident person!