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Who are you in the kitchen?

Everyone cooks differently. Even if it is the exact same dish, no two cooks will do it in an identical manner. To honour our culinary differences, we highlight six of the most common cooks that can be found in kitchens all over the world.

1) The Freestyler aka The Messy Cook

Recipes? What’s that for? The Freestyler does not follow any rules. He or she will just use whatever is in the refrigerator and make up the dishes along the way. No measuring cups or spoons can be found in a Freestyler’s kitchen. Timers on the ovens are just for decorative purposes. Grabbing ingredients by the armfuls, they like to use their hands to coarsely “chop” up vegetables or tear up meat. Their food could be wonderfully lip-smacking one day and downright disgusting the next. You could never tell from their dishes’ appearances and would feel fearful to try whatever they had whipped up.

2) The Organised aka The Super Neat Freak

The complete opposite of the Freestyler, we have the Organised. They plan their meals probably one week in advance and they buy the exact groceries that they would need. No food wastage would be tolerated by the Organised. They also follow recipes strictly and a hi-tech weighing machine would take centre stage in their kitchens. Everything in their kitchens are systematically placed, labelled (with a professional labelling machine, no doubt) and they most probably have 3 different kinds of salt. Their food is consistently good, but sometimes, they lack a touch of creativity.

3) The Freshie aka The Organic Lover

The Freshie loves all things fresh (and sometimes raw). They believe that that cooking kills nutrients. Their entire pay check is devoted to buying only the freshest, organic ingredients. Being health conscious, they cook every single day, so that they ingest only the freshest food. The Freshie’s favourite author is Michael Pollan and their preferred leisure activity is to visit farmers’ markets.

4) The Freezer Foodie aka The Bulk Cooker

Radiation from microwaves in the Freezer Foodies’ homes are at dangerously high levels. Why? Freezer Foodies like to make food in huge batches and freeze them, so that they can re-heat them in the future easily, saving time and effort in the kitchen. They do not care as much for the nutritional value of their food, as long as the food is edible. A deep chest freezer and a microwave is the Freezer Foodies’ best friends.

5) The Slow Cooker aka The One Pot Wonder

Chop, dump and stir. This pretty much sums up the cooking method of the Slow Cooker. Either using a slow cooker or even a rice cooker, the Slow Cooker only uses one pot to cook a one dish meal that the whole family can enjoy, like a ragout. Putting all the ingredients into the pot in the morning, a steaming hot meal is available when they knock off in the evening. Timing is everything for the Slow Cooker.

6) The Instant Cooker aka The Pre-packaged Devotee

Fast, easy and no dishes – these are commonly used in the Instant Cooker’s vocabulary. They constantly scour supermarkets for new pre-packaged food that they can easily heat up in the oven or microwave. Instant ramen and cup noodles are a staple in their pantries. They would have tried all the different flavours in their neighbourhood store. Wrapping cling film over their dishes to prevent them from getting dirty is one of their tricks to avoid washing them. Disposable cutlery is often seen in their drawers. These people eat to live and not live to eat.


Hope you like our light-hearted diagnosis of different people in the kitchens and can at least identify with one of them!