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Ways To Strengthen Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is not just a vague term thrown around by HR executives to confuse employees. Corporate culture reflects the organisation’s beliefs, accepted norms and behaviour. It silently governs how employees behave, interact and work, without having a physical presence. As it is so important, we highlight some methods here to reinforce corporate culture.

 1) Stay True To Core Values

An organisation must have a clear vision which includes its core values. Values consist of its approach on customer service, performance and operational excellence. These need to be articulated to all employees and made sure that everyone understands and acknowledges them. Once the core values are established and ingrained into each staff, it would be easy to develop a company culture around it.

2) Embrace Transparency

Provide employees with unfiltered insight into the organisation’s operations and future goals. This builds trust and trust is one of the foundations of great corporate culture. Disseminate weekly or monthly newsletters focusing on the company’s progress and latest achievements. Hold town hall meetings to meet employees face to face. Create a virtual suggestion box where staff can offer recommendations anonymously. Let team members know that there are no secrets within the organisation and you are on the way to gaining their trust.

3) Inspire Staff Autonomy

Autonomy is the power for employees to determine their own work situation. As much as possible, let staff volunteer for tasks and projects. This way, they will not feel forced to work on something that they do not have the passion for. With autonomy, employees bear more responsibility and ownership of their work, which motivates them to work harder and invest more energy and interest into each task or project. Autonomy creates the corporate culture of respecting the works of staff and strengthens their sense of job security. Highly engaged employees are more likely to exceed expectations.

4) Reward Excellence

Research has shown that companies with a recognition-rich culture have a significantly lower turnover rate. Recognition doesn’t even have to come from the top, peer to peer recognition is also effective in strengthening corporate culture. This is also a great way to build stronger relationships amongst employees.

5) Promote Team Atmosphere

“You can’t sell it outside if you can’t sell it inside.” Having strong relationships at work drives employee engagement, however, this does not happen overnight. It requires making the time and effort. Treat everyone equally and without prejudice. Sponsor events for team members to interact outside of work. Organise team bonding activities for members to work on tasks that are not job-related. Team leaders need to show that they care about the personal wellbeing of each member, and not just treat them like working robots. Happy employees are on average more productive. These bonding rituals might seem like a waste of time, but the domino effects that they create will be worth it. Corporate culture will be improved by leaps and bounds. Staff engagement will be bolstered. “Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”


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