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Celebrating Chinese New Year In Singapore

Celebrating Chinese New Year In Singapore

Chinese New Year is a big deal for Chinese all over the world. It is no exception here in Singapore. With our multi-racial society, not only are the Chinese excited for this big day, other races also look forward to the public holiday for a well-deserved break. If you are not sure how to spend your break, here are some helpful suggestions on what you could possibly spend time on this Chinese New Year.

1) Reunion Dinner

You don’t have to be a Chinese to have a reunion dinner with your family. Bring out all of your plates and bowls and organise a dinner for your beloved family or friends. Traditionally, people ate steamboats for their reunion dinner as the round pot symbolises “reunion” and as Chinese New Year occurs at the end of winter, it is quite chilly in China during this time. You can follow tradition and have a steamboat, or you can modernise it and have mookata steamboat! Nowadays, some families prefer to head out to restaurants to have their reunion dinner to prevent all the hassle of preparing the meal. Whatever it is, just remember that the main point of the dinner is to have a get-together with your closest family, relatives and friends.

2) Visiting Relatives’ Houses

This is also a time honoured tradition. Visitations arise so that you keep in touch with all of your relatives and of course share gossip, red packets, and who can forget about all the sinful Chinese New Year snacks. Even if you are not a Chinese, you can also take this time to say hi to your kinsfolks. We’re sure they will be very glad to hear from you.

3) Heading To Chinatown

Chinatown has the liveliest atmosphere during Chinese New Year and it would be a shame to miss it. Street stalls selling festive goods are set up about 3 weeks before the Chinese New Year and the roads are decorated with celebratory lightings. Purchase seasonal favourites like fried arrowhead chips from Chinatown and share them with your friends to spread the love. We strongly recommend you to head down to Chinatown to soak up the atmosphere, especially on Chinese New Year’s eve, as it would be the last day of the street stalls.

4) Catch A Movie

Studios choose to release some of the better movies during this time as they want to capitalise on the public holidays. Have a movie marathon with your friends or families if you’d like to zone out and not have any worries to distract you.

5) Take Part In A Cookery Class At CulinaryOn

Learn how to cook Chinese dishes like drunken chicken, cereal prawn, chilli crab, yu sheng, bak kwa salad, drunken prawns and more at CulinaryOn. Moreover, you can have hands-on experience in cooking some of the dishes! The best part is you can enjoy the mouth-watering food that you’ve cooked at our lovely setting and there is no need for you to wash the dishes. Isn’t that great! What more could you ask for? The entertaining hosts and chefs will leave you in peals of laughter with their antics and you can be sure the onsite photographer will be around to catch all the unforgettable memories on camera. Wait no more and contact us now to book you and your family and friends a slot with us for a memorable time during this Chinese New Year.