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Valentine's day Celebration Ideas

Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas

At the start of every February, most couples would invariably have worrying thoughts as to how to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Ever though most rational adults know that V-Day is created by companies to sell more flowers or greeting cards, there is still a societal pressing need to celebrate it as a show of love to your partner. Or you might want to make use of Valentine’s Day to profess your love to your crush. Whatever the reasons, if you can’t think of any decent way to commemorate this special day, read on for some ideas to spend your time with your loved one.

1) Dinner At A Restaurant Or Hotel

This is the most clichéd way to celebrate V-Day. Most restaurants and hotels have special menus to cater to the lovey dovey couples. If you do not mind doing what most other couple are doing, feel free to make your reservations at you or your partner’s favourite dining establishment. If you’re feeling the pinch from dining out, you could cook at home and rearrange your furniture to make it look like a restaurant. “You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” Home cooked meals are relatively less expensive than dining out.

2) Going To A Theme Park

Shared experiences lead to shared emotions and memories, bringing people closer to each other. If you need to create some new bonds between you and your partner, hop onto some thrilling rollercoaster rides and scream away together. I guarantee you that you and your partner will feel more loving towards each other at the end of the day.

3) Star Gazing At The Beach

Being at the beach and star gazing connotes grand romantic gestures. When it’s dark and quiet all around, you and your loved one can cosy up to each other and whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ears. Just remember to pack mosquito repellent and maybe some candles to up the dreamy mood.

4) Have A Couple’s Massage

Reserve a couple’s massage at the spa for you and your partner and you will be on your way to cloud nine. You could choose to spend the whole day at the spa, having manicures, pedicures or just lounging in the sauna. You will feel so relaxed at the end of the day and you’ll definitely have a sense of renewed love for your partner.

5) Do Touristy Things

Haven’t been to the Merlion Park or Gardens By The Bay before? Now’s the best time to go and take some touristy goofy selfie shots with your lover. Being able to let your hair down when you’re with each other means that your relationship is built on strong foundations.

6) Have A Culinary Party At CulinaryOn

“Laughter is brightest in the place where food is.” Join other couples and have a culinary party at CulinaryOn where you’ll have hands on experience to learn cooking in a fun and joyful way. You do not need much planning in advance and it’s a fuss free way to spend a couple of hours. The best part is that you can eat your end products and you gain cooking knowledge. Our cheerful hosts and chefs will inspire you and your partner to cook more at home, for more romantic dinners. Wouldn’t this be a great and creative way to spend Valentine’s Day?