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Wedding Anniversary Celebratory Ideas

Wedding Anniversary Celebratory Ideas

Are you running out of ideas as to how to celebrate your wedding anniversary? Fret not! We have compiled a list of activities that you and your SO (Significant Other) or DH (Darling Husband) can enjoy on your special day.

1) Art Jamming

For the uninitiated, art jamming has gained popularity in recent years. What is it exactly? Cafes and studios provide painting materials and people spend hours creating their magnum opus that they can proudly hang in their living rooms afterwards. This is especially significant for couples celebrating their anniversary. They will forever have a piece of artwork that they can look back fondly and reminisce about. If you don’t have an iota of artistic cell in you, you can even choose to get a guided session whereby someone will teach you the basics of painting. For couples, spending a few hours painting together guarantees a good time, particularly because there is no need to tidy up the leftover paints afterwards!

2) Cycling Adventure

Plan a cycling route and embark on your very own adventure. Explore new places and breathe in the fresh air at the same time. Pack a picnic lunch in advance and you can even refuel in between the cycling. Make the day more memorable by taking selfies at meaningful spots.

3) Have A Makeover Day

Pamper yourselves by booking a spa retreat for you and your beloved. Follow that up with a makeover and a photo shoot, so that you may have some photos to look back upon when you are old and wrinkly in the future. The photos will also come in handy when your children ask you for evidence that you had been cool / pretty / handsome in the past.

4) Volunteer

For the service oriented, choose to volunteer your time on your special day. Take your pick from animal shelters, old folks’ homes, orphanages, etc. Do something meaningful for other people and it will warm your hearts. Engaging in fruitful endeavours together creates shared rewarding memories that will sustain long term romantic love.

5) Go On A Cruise

No wifi on a cruise, this assures you that you will get your partner’s undivided attention. A cruise’s main activities are to enjoy yourselves and to eat. Eating will take up the bulk of your whole time on the ship and you can even order room service to snack on in your cabin! Take a walk on the boardwalks and marvel at the ocean’s vastness. Relish the sunset in each other’s arms and stargaze at night. This might just be the most romantic period of your marriage.

6) CulinaryOn

Prefer to have an enjoyable learning experience? Have an entertaining evening at CulinaryOn whereby cooking becomes a gratifying event for the two of you. Have hands on cooking practice while our chefs demonstrate to you the intricate methods and techniques of rolling fresh pasta or making a classic cheesecake. Indulge in your culinary accomplishments and tuck into the gastronomic delights that you had lovingly cooked with your partner. Besides learning new recipes and having a great meal, our hosts and chefs will charm you with their antics! Our photographer will also show up at the exact right moment to capture the smiling faces of you and your spouse. Fun and games abound at CulinaryOn and there is no cleaning up involved. You and your partner just need to show up and have the time of your lives. What could be better than this?