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5 Ways To Work Better Together

Everyone wants to have a smooth sailing career. It’s virtually impossible if you don’t work well with others. By having positive working relationships with your colleagues, everyone benefits as the organisation is able to progress and advance. Let us highlight 5 ways in which you can work better together with your co-workers.

1) Pay Attention To Body Language

Up to 90% of communication is non-verbal. When communicating with your colleagues, take extra care and not be too standoffish or intimidating in your body language, even though the words coming out of your month are kind and caring. The receiver perceives your body language more than the spoken words and will actually misunderstand you. If you notice people giving you wrinkled brows when you speak to them, look inwards towards yourself: is what you are saying not matching how you think they are being perceived? If so, practise in front of a mirror and amend your body language until you are satisfied that there could be no mistake that people are comprehending exactly what you mean to say. When your colleagues understand you better, it will lead to better working relationships.

2) Keep It Short & Sweet

By keeping spoken and written communications short, simple and direct, your colleagues will absorb the information better. It cuts down on unnecessary clarifications and superfluous effort. Do not ramble on pointlessly if your co-workers had already gotten the point.

3) Appreciate Others

Ernest Hemingway once wrote, “The way to make people trustworthy is to trust them.” Appreciate others and you will be appreciated too. Drop a congratulatory email to your co-workers when you know that they have done a good job, smile and nod or give them a playful wink to acknowledge their presence during meetings. Small actions count and the payoff is worth it.

4) Keep Criticism Constructive

If there is a need to correct someone, do not make it personal. Focus on the task at hand and be positive, specific, objective and constructive. Respect the individual. Constructive critics empathise with the person being criticised and considers things from their perspective. Knowing how to effectively criticise positively influences how people view you. The person being criticised will not feel terrible as well, instead, it becomes a learning experience for him.

5) Avoid & Stem Hermit Crab Behaviour

Animal researchers have observed that smaller hermit crabs occasionally group together to evict a larger hermit crab from its shell. Subsequently, each hermit crab will then trade up with each other to each get a larger shell. In the workplace, you may sometimes notice colleagues ganging up with each other to bully one helpless co-worker. The extent of bullying ranges from spiteful gossip or downright backstabbing. It is best not to engage in and not to encourage such hermit crab behaviour. Break up such groups if you see them as it is toxic for the workplace.



Work is a necessity of life. It is up to you to take charge of how it will influence your existence. Aristotle once said, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” Having congenial working relationships with your team members will definitely help you achieve excellence in your job.