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Effective Communication Through Team Bonding

Does team building actually work? According to research, it does! Based on the Small Group Research journal paper, “Does Team Building Work?”, results suggest that team building has a positive effect on teams’ performances. Communication is one of the most important aspect in a team. Effective communications keep team members engaged and help companies retain talent. Just how does team bonding improve communications?

Foreign Environment

When team members see each other outside of their usual workplace, they are bound to have some unfamiliar feelings. This is good as it brings people out from their comfort zones. It could be as simple as seeing your colleagues outside of their shirts and ties or their bosses not wearing their usual pants suit. By having a team bonding activity that is outside of the office setting, people tend to be more casual and talk more spontaneously with each other. Position seniority is also left behind in the office and junior staff may feel that it is easier to connect with their superiors.

Participating In Fun Activities Together

Besides working together, team members seldom see each other outside of their working hours, let alone organise activities to do together during their leisure time. A team bonding activity provides the perfect opportunity for team members to engage in enjoyable pursuits while at the same time, allow team mates to get to know each other better. Even though some people may feel forced to interact with their fellow team mates, a team building activity will invariably improve their relationships with each other, without them even knowing.

Builds Trust & Collaboration

Most team building activities require team members to work together to achieve a goal. For example, at CulinaryOn, team members might have to work together to complete a dish of Beef Steak Wellington. Trust is built up when you trust your partners to monitor the grilling of the steaks or to take out the puff pastry from the oven when the time is up. It would be difficult for one person to do everything. The tasks are shared and each person is responsible for their own task. As trust is being developed between team members, you can be sure that the collaborative working relationships in the workplace will improve as well.

Develops Understanding Of Each Other

Team building activities tend to bring out the best features of each person. Maybe a junior staff does not have the chance to lead the team in the office. However, during the activities, he or she can find an opportunity to be a leader for the day. A senior staff might be good at details or decorating. People will be able to notice the other qualities of their team members that they might not had been aware of in the past. Team members will understand each other better and will not just have a one-dimensional view of each other. With new knowledge of their team mates, communications will be enhanced.

In business, it’s not all fun and games. But during team building activities, let your hair down for a while and enjoy the process! The advantages of organising team building activities are countless, but improved communications within teams would be the most significant. Contact CulinaryOn to arrange a custom planned team bonding activity for your team today!