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5 Ways To Build Collaborative Teams

5 Ways To Build Collaborative Teams

Why is collaboration important in an organisation? The individual strengths of each team member working together is what makes a company successful. It is not all about one particular person, the organisation requires the combined efforts of everyone to be truly outstanding. Here, we examine the various ways that organisations can utilise to build more collaborative teams.

1) Mentoring Programs

Organisations can implement coaching programs whereby senior staff can mentor newcomers. With executive support, senior staff can unreservedly guide the newcomers and the newbies have a stable guru that they can turn to in their time of need. Besides shortening the initiation period for the newcomers, trust and understanding is being developed between mentor and mentee. A “gift culture” would also become the norm in the company, whereby information sharing is expected and appreciated.

2) Rotating Responsibilities

If an employee does the same old thing day in and day out, you can be sure that he or she would be bored out of their brains. By rotating tasks, staff will be kept more alert and will also cooperate more with their team mates as they need to find out from each other on the progress of each assignment and for newest updates. Teams will not be sprung with nasty surprises as well, if, by chance, someone takes urgent leave or becomes sick. The tasks at hand could be handled by anyone and the advancement of the team is not impeded.

3) Investing In Facilities

Organisations should invest in facilities that support collaborations. This could be in the form of physical environment or in software. Having more meeting rooms or small gazebos around the office and letting staff use them without the need for cumbersome booking rules would definitely improve collaborations. Long tables in the pantry could also influence staff to sit with others during lunch and forge new friendships, instead of eating alone. Creating easy to use instant messaging software could also improve relationships in the office.

4) Sponsoring Events

Companies can organise events like movie night, golfing or family day at the zoo to create a sense of community within the company. When people do leisurely activities together, they get to know each other more and they would be more comfortable collaborating with each other at the workplace.

5) Team Building Activities

Organisations that spend on team building activities know the benefits that they will reap far outweigh the costs of the events. During the activities, team members can learn more about each other in a relaxed and fun setting, away from the stresses of the office. Socializing with each other, networks are being built and friendships are slowly formed. Through these enjoyable activities, team members can start on their foundation to having a more collaborative workplace.


Newly formed teams might face difficulty in collaboration. However, with the support of management, collaboration would be within reach if enough time and effort is being invested. A simple team building activity might just be the way to kick start it all. At CulinaryOn, we can customise team building activities to suit your company’s needs. Wait no more and contact us today.