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Characteristics of a Good Team Member

Everyone wants to be part of an awesome team, but it first has to start from yourself. Individuals who make up a team have to have certain qualities, so that the team is able to function at a high performing level. Below, we list down the distinguishing traits of a good team member, read on and see whether you fit the descriptions.

1) Reliable & Consistent

A reliable team member gets his or her fair share of the work done and meets deadlines consistently. Good performance is also expected and regular. He or she is dependable and you can count on them all the time, not just some of the time. People trust them as they had built up a good reputation of providing quality work constantly.

2) Listens & Communicates Well

Regardless of being an introvert or extrovert, a good team member is able to listen and communicate competently, and without biasness or judgements. Good listeners are essential as teams need people who can understand and absorb ideas or feedback from other team mates without being argumentative or defensive. For effective problem solving, team members need to understand that listen first and speak second is an important skill that can benefit them and the whole team. Most of the communications within teams take place not during an organised meeting, but informally. Team members need to learn to communicate freely with each other and this ties in with our next point on information sharing.

3) Provides Advice & Shares Information

A good team member does not hoard information, fearing that fellow team mates will overshadow him or her. By sharing information, everyone gains and the advantages far outweigh the irrational fear mentioned previously. Team members also need to unobtrusively observe their team mates and provide timely advice as and when needed, in a diplomatic manner.

4) Can-Do Attitude

A positive attitude is more important than being the most knowledgeable person in the team. If a team mate is consistently being negative and unsupportive, it brings the overall morale of the team down. Having a can-do attitude brings hope and inspiration to the team. Active and enthusiastic team members are fully engaged with the team and do not sit passively by the side. They take initiative to help others, volunteer for tasks and provide inputs during meetings.

5) Shows Commitment

A strong team player shows up for work every day, concerned about their work and the team. They do not just give 50% of their attention to the tasks. If they could, they would provide 110%. By giving all their efforts into the team, they expect their fellow team mates to do the same as well.

6) Respectful & Supportive

Being courteous and considerate is the mannerism of a good team mate. They don’t make fun or belittle each other. They care and encourage fellow team mates as they understand that when the internal workings of a team is functioning well, the outside will take care of itself. They will look beyond their own tasks and help ameliorate the working conditions in the team.


How many of the above attributes have you checked off? Fret not, it is never too late to change and become an amazing team player, you just need to have the right attitude.