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Tackling Stress in Your Team

Being in a state of stress seems to be the norm in today’s ever-changing economy. A little pressure is good, but too much of it will lead to an unproductive and distressed team. Here, we share some tips on how to alleviate anxiety in your workplace.


Resist Perfectionism

Confucius once wrote, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Treat simplicity and minimalism as the cornerstone in your life and try to resist perfectionism in both yourself and in others. So what if the font size in the report is not the one that you normally use? Do not feel the need to beret your team for forgetting to justify the text in a paragraph. A minor grammar mistake here and there does not warrant a need to blow your top. By not forcing precision into your team members, they would be able to breathe more easily. However, do remember to be meticulous in the areas that need fastidiousness and thoroughness, like in verifying facts and figures. Focus on the pertinent areas.

Do Not Over Commit

Much of the stress that people feel does not come from having too much to do, it comes from not finishing what they had started. By over committing yourself or your team, the tasks that are not able to be completed are the cause of most of the stress. Shortage of time and labour often lead to team members having to do overtime to compensate and to rush through the tasks. Be aware of you and your team’s abilities. If there is no choice but to accept the extra workload, try to negotiate for a longer time period for completion, or ask for more help in the form of temporary or contract staff. Do not feel embarrassed to admit that you need help.

Set Limits On Technology Use

With the rising use of smart phones, it has become normal to check text messages and emails every five minutes. This could be fine during working hours. However, do not send emails or text messages to your team members after work hours (unless it is absolutely critical). Emailing at all hours sets the tone that there is no end to the work day, inciting stress in your team members. Once the official hours are clocked, set aside the blackberry or laptop and allow others to do so as well. Nothing could be that urgent that it could not wait until tomorrow to be solved.

Break Bad Habits In The Workplace

Sometimes, the contributing factor to stress in the workplace might not be related to the work. Colleagues, superiors or team members could also be a source of stress to some people. Cliques - those groups of people that often huddle around to gossip about other staff, are harmful to the workplace. If you are a team leader, lead by example and do not engage in malicious gossip. Try to mix and mingle around in different groups of people to prevent cliques from forming.


Another effective way to ease the tension in your team is to organise Team Building Activities outside of your workplace. Being away from the work, team members would be able to stop focusing on the negatives of their jobs. Organise a fun and enjoyable team bonding activity at CulinaryOn, where our quirky and offbeat chefs and hosts will surely chase all the blues away! Indulge in your very own culinary creations at the same time, as you know, eating always reduces stress. A well bonded team will also be more resilient at work. Contact us today for a customised team building activity that your team members will be thanking you for.