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5 Ways To Bring Out Talent In Your Team

Teams are made up of a myriad of characters. In order to be a good leader, you will need to discover and highlight the talents in your team members. This will allow you to utilise each team member to their maximum potential. Below we discuss the methods you may use to uncover your team members’ strengths. Use them wisely and you are on your way to creating a super team.

Be Open Minded
Dismiss stereotypes of what “talent” should look like in your head. Extroverts and introverts both have capabilities that complement each other. Talk to your team members and find out their interests. Usually, these will be linked to what they are good at. Everyone should have at least one thing that they are proficient in. Remember, you do not get harmony if everyone sings the same note!

Encourage Collaboration, Not Competition
Author John Greene once said that curiosity is not the most important human trait; the urge to collaborate is. When collaborating, completing one another is more important than competing with one another. As a team leader, promote teamwork whereby team members work together towards a shared goal, instead of pitting team members against each other, in the hopes of “survival of the fittest”. In the long run, cooperation leads to more opportunities and more problems solved.

Create Knowledge Sharing Culture
When knowledge is freely shared within a team, members are exposed to a host of expertise. They also know that they can count on their team members to support them when they have any doubts. This helps in bringing out any hidden talents that your team members might have. For example, a staff could be really good at creating powerpoint presentations, but he did not know where to begin. When given a few pointers from another team member, he or she might just go on and become an expert in creating slideshows!

Encourage team members to learn new skills, either through online reading or attending courses. In this new economy, upskilling is a requisite in any profession. Simply doing the same tasks day in and day out will not cut it in today’s world. Every clients wants the job done faster, better and cheaper. In order to do this, new skills will need to be developed in your team members. In this way, new talents might also emerge in your team.

Give Control
During the daily hustle, it could be easier to just delegate tasks to your team members and dictate to them how to do it. However, workers now would like to gain more autonomy over their work and with it, the responsibilities involved. This makes them more engaged in their tasks and provides them with the control that they crave. By knowing what and how they are going to do a certain task, they are able to discover methods that only they themselves are able to fathom. This way, skills are invariably developed.

In the midst of developing the talents in your team, do not forget the importance of Team Bonding. "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships." The legendary Michael Jordan definitely knows what it’s all about. Come on down to CulinaryOn for a team building session and we can guarantee you that you and your team members would have a whale of a time cooking up a storm while at the same time, connecting over shared experiences.