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Adult cooking classes in Singapore

Are you eager to learn how to cook delicious and healthy homemade food? Or maybe interested in improving your professional kitchen skills? Culinary school CULINARYON offers the most exciting hands-on adult cooking classes in Singapore. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of our studio and learn culinary techniques with our professional Chefs!

No more hesitation

Do not be afraid of cooking! Our international team of star chefs will gently guide you and encourage creating culinary masterpieces not only on our culinary stations but also at home! Friendly environment and laughter all around will make the class effortless and memorable. We will provide all the necessary equipment including premium ingredients, step-by-step instructions and bright fabric aprons for the class to help you feel like a real Chef. In case if you are an experienced culinarian, you will still have some tips to learn or you can even arrange an individual class to improve exactly those skills that you prefer to. You can choose from more than 300 recipes of the most popular world`s cuisines to satisfy your taste.

What you cook by yourself always tastes better

If you are fond of yummy food, we are sure you will enjoy every minute spent with us in our comfortable studio. Our adult culinary classes are interactive and suitable for people of any age, gender, profession and level of culinary skills. Under the guidance of our experts you will cook 3 or 4 dishes while sipping drinks and listening to the chef`s stories. You will also be taught techniques of using knives and storing food. During the class you will be able to enjoy a full portion of each of your masterpieces or take it home in the end. Eat, take photos, have a jolly time and make memories! What can be better than this?

Do not wait and choose a proper class suitable only for you!

The average class duration is 3 - 3,5 hours.