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Toddler Birthday Party Dos and Don'ts

Birthdays are always such a happy event, unless you’re the parent of a toddler. The endless planning, who to invite, food preparation, all these need to be taken into serious considerations if you want a tears-free birthday party. On a positive note, your child’s toddler years only last a few short years. Enjoy them while you can. Take a few moments to go through our list of dos and don’ts for a toddler birthday party before you start planning your next one. You will not regret it!

Who To Invite

Do ask your child for his or her inputs on who they would like at the party. You might not know that they have an ongoing friendship with a playground friend from another school. A good rule of thumb to the number of kids to invite is your child’s age plus one. That is, if your child is four, allow them to invite five friends. If your child is attending preschool, and you are feeling generous, by all means, invite the whole class! Do not leave out one or two kids deliberately just because your child does not like them. The emotional damage you might inflict on them when they find out they are not invited would take a long time to heal.
Do invite grandparents, aunts and uncles as well, as they are the closest family and I’m sure they would like to get involved in the festivities.
People not to invite include out of town relatives, your boss, your colleagues, your ex-schoolmates or children your child does not know.

What Kind of Party

Consider a theme and work around it. Think about what is your child’s favourite cartoon character or preferred activity. Does he like swimming? Do organise an outdoors party if your child is a sporty kid and like to run around. On the other hand, some kids are naturally introverted and love to read. Maybe a more subdued party at the neighbourhood fast food joint would be more suitable. Respect your child and ask him or her for suggestions. They might have some ideas but are afraid to voice them out.
Don’t plan a party that exceeds your budget. Also, don’t think that this is an opportunity for you to brag to the other parents and have a competition on who can have the most extravagant party. Don’t hold the party at an age inappropriate location as well. A hotel ballroom might be suitable for a teenager’s birthday party, but a ball pit playground might be more suitable for a toddler.

How To Invite

A handwritten, mailed invitation card would involve your child and this would make them look forward to their party. Email invites are fine as well. Remember to include the deadline for RSVP and if you do not receive any response by the deadline, feel free to give the parents a call to ask them personally if they are coming to the party.
Don’t ask your toddler to pass out the invitation cards in school. This is a recipe for confusion as you would not know who they had given the invitations to. You can be sure the invites would be lost as well. Be aware that your toddler is just a kid and won’t know the nuances of planning a birthday party.

How Long Should The Party Last

Do keep it short if your child is under the age of six. Timing is important too. Toddlers tend to need to nap in the afternoons, so a lunch party anytime between 10am to 2pm would be great. Unless you have prepared entertainment for the adults, do keep the party brief as they would be quite bored at a party for toddlers. Put out adult appropriate snacks for them and don’t feel like you have to amuse them. They will understand that it is about the kids.

Lastly, do remember to charge your cameras or phones to take the most adorable photos for keepsakes. Your toddler most probably won’t remember the day or the difficulties faced when planning the party, but with the photos, you can be sure it would make great conversations when your child is older. At CulinaryOn, we can customise a birthday party for your child. Contact us today for a quick discussion.