Gyoza with pork

Gedza with pork in the original serving on a bamboo leaf surprise the most demanding gourmet!

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Fish ragout zarzuella

The dish of the Catalan cuisine — delicate and fragrant fish ragout of cod fish stew in white wine with the addition of prawns, mussels, vegetables and herbs.

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Freestyle maki

Excellent three delicious and colorful Japanese dishes: maki, sashimi and furikake.

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Rabbit Tuscany style

Stewed rabbit with vegetables and Ligurian olives will charm you with unforgettable delicate flavor and fascinating aroma of Mediterranean spices. Served with potato garnish.

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Ginger biscuits

Start your preparation for the big day now by making amazing ginger biscuits. These cookies are a great gift for the friend on Christmas!

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Vitello Tonnato

Thinly sliced pieces of beef under cream sauce with tuna, anchovies, olive oil and a pleasant acidity of lemon juice.

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Greek Salad

A simple yet tasty Greek salad with Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Cucumbers and pan-fried Feta Cheese.

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Sabayon with Berries

Delicious and amazingly simple Italian delicacy Sabayon — light whipped dessert based on egg cream and wine with fresh berries.

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Pasta alla Norma

A robust dish of Fettuccine with Fried Aubergine and a flavourful Tomato Sauce thickened with Cheese.

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Wellington Steak

Scrumptious grilled Beef Tenderloin encased in Golden Puff Pastry and served with Mushroom Cream Sauce.

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Pizza Margarita

The absolute classic Neapolitan Pizza with Mozzarella cheese and a delicious, tangy Tomato Sauce.

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Minestrone Soup with Meat-balls

Traditional Italian vegetable soup with meatballs. This vegetable soup with meatballs and rice impresses with its tasteful and warm, with crispy croutons, he is very good for lunch in inclement weather.
Minestrone — one of the most popular Italian dishes, as it is known in Italy for a long time: for centuries in rural areas in different parts of the country it was made of seasonal vegetables — it was one of the daily meals, so this soup is today.

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Seafood risotto

Tender, melting in the mouth risotto, with a superb tastes of the seafood — squids, shrimps, clams and mussels.

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