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5 Simple Concepts To Building A Better Team

A snowflake by itself is negligible. However, when they stick together, an avalanche can happen. This can also be said of a team. One person might not be able to accomplish much, but with a team, huge achievements can be unlocked. Here, we discuss the concepts that help to build a better team.

Work Environment

Firstly, the team needs to have a conducive work environment. Not just the physical environment, the atmosphere in the company must be positive and encouraging as well. Two way communication, brainstorming, dialogue and debate are essential to an environment that promotes creativity. Encourage team members to question the status quo and allow them to be free to speak up. When there are no hidden agendas, team members’ thought processes are uninhibited and they may come up with new and innovative ways to perform their daily tasks.

Some greenery in the office does not hurt as well. Studies have shown that people who work in sparse workplaces often feel miserable. But when plants are introduced to the workplace, employees become psychologically engaged, are happier and tend to work better.

Clear Path Of Progress

Team members need to know what their future with the company holds for them. This enables them to have long term plans with the company. When people feel secured in their jobs, they generally perform better and are loyal to the company. Articulate to your team members what the big picture is and how they contribute to the team, letting them feel involved and significant. People are less likely to job hop when they understand their place in the team and what they can expect in the time to come.

Appreciation & Recognition

Show that you appreciate your team members by recognising their accomplishments. Send a thankful email to them to acknowledge their job well done in a recent project or treat them to a luncheon once in a while. A supportive smile goes a long way. Team members are able to tell when they are being valued. This kind of warm fuzzy feelings are hard to replicate and are greatly sought after. A great team encourages and inspires each other to do better every day.

Autonomy & Responsibilities

Giving team members certain autonomy in their work processes shows that you trust them. This is a huge step in helping to build a better team. When team members have more responsibilities, they are apt to be more engaged in their tasks. However, do be careful of the overzealous team members, they might think that their way of doing something is much better than anyone else’s. Monitor them carefully and counsel them if they get overboard. Let them know that although they are good at what they are doing, there are other better ways to do the tasks. Show by example, and most level headed employees would compromise.

Learning & Development

Letting your team learn new skills together allow them to construct new shared memories together, thereby building trust with each other. Employees also feel that the company support them and are willing to invest in them. Team members would have improvements in confidence, capability and competence. The team is perfected when individuals have better skills and work better with each other.

A simple way to build a better team is to let them have fun together. At CulinaryOn, team building activities are combined with learning new culinary skills. Your team members would be able to work together and garner a deeper understanding of each other. Our large and welcoming environment would be the perfect place for your team members to bond with each other!