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Cooking for Independence: Kids Gain Skills While Cooking

With the proliferation of cheap fast food, convenient food delivery services and household helpers, many parents do not see the need for their children to step in the kitchens. For some, cooking is being viewed as “women’s work” and do not allow their boys to engage in such “lowly activities”, preferring them to participate in sports or other more “manly” pursuits. But did you know that cooking is a skill that teaches so much more than meets the eye? Read on with an open mind and I guarantee you that you will scramble to the kitchen with your kids in tow!

Improves Mathematical, Science and Communication Skills

By reading aloud recipes, kids develop their basic comprehension skills and would be able to follow the steps in a logical manner. Converting cups to grams and vice versa, they are able to practise their mathematical skills. Why add salt to the water when boiling pasta? Scientific reasoning would explain to them the fact that salt increases the boiling point of water, and thus the pasta would cook at a higher temperature, reducing the cooking time. All these skills that you thought children could only learn in school is actually easily understood in the kitchen.

Develops Fine Motor Skills

Give your kids a butter knife to help cut up vegetables or invest in some knives suitable for children. They will be happy to help you chop, slice, peel or even julienne the ingredients. Ask them to weigh out the exact proportions of flour or sugar for an apple pie and watch their little hands trying to scoop back the excess. Stirring, pouring, frying – all these are motions that train their hand eye coordination. You can be sure that they won’t grow up to become clumsy adults.

Emotional Growth

Cooking teaches patience. Waiting for the cake to bake versus buying a cake straight from the bakery. Without instant gratification, children learn that worthy things take time to acquire. Some recipes call for overnight marination, kids will learn that proper planning in advance is required if you want to achieve certain goals. If you would like to raise responsible and tolerant children, teaching them to cook is definitely one of the ways to do so.

Healthier Eating Habits

Obesity rate is on the rise worldwide. To avoid your child being a statistic, nurture the values of healthy eating into your child. Teach them about wholesome foods and how it all came from a grain in the field. Lecture them on the processed food industry and about excess salts, sugars and fats. By cooking the foods that they eat, children will learn the value of a healthy and nutritious diet. They will also develop an adventurous and diverse taste palette, creating variations in their eating habits. This will all lead to living a healthier lifestyle.

With all the above benefits of learning to cook, I’m sure you will, without doubt, want your children to start to cook. Don’t know where and how to start? At CulinaryOn, we can help you! We have cookery classes especially tailored for the little ones. You don’t even have to worry about them messing up your own impeccable kitchens. Once your child has mastered the basics of cooking, you can ask them to cook for you at home, freeing you up for your other hobbies. Wouldn’t this be a mutually beneficial situation for all?