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7 Reasons To Boost Teamwork

Some people do not believe in teamwork and prefer to work alone. If you have such team members in your office, you should let them know the benefits of teamwork. Casually slip in these points in your next meeting and influence them to become cooperative team members. You could also use these points to inspire your bosses to have more team building activities, which would mean more fun time with your colleagues, instead of being stuck in the office.

1) Increased Productivity & Efficiency

When team members cooperate, productivity increases as employees work in a more enjoyable environment and they look forward to going to work every day. There would also be more input of ideas so that the work gets done in a more efficient manner. Having teamwork brings out the best in each staff as they may have friendly competitions amongst each other to see who can finish the tasks first

2) Better Employee Engagement

An engaged employee is one who would be loyal to the organisation. I’m sure companies prefer to have long service employees instead of going through the “fire and hire” cycle. Teamwork provides the camaraderie that employees seek to feel like they are part of something important and this creates the sense of engagement and loyalty.

3) Generates More Ideas

When people get together, they invariably share thoughts and ideas. Having teamwork boosts the generation of ideas and this will definitely benefit the company. Imagine a company that does the same thing day in and day out, with no new inputs. In this new generation, it is simply not feasible to have such a structure.

4) Enhanced Communications

Working in cooperative teams, communication barriers are no longer a problem. People speak freely with each other and management staff are able to communicate easier with the rank and file of the company.

5) Workload Sharing

Having teamwork means that staff are more willingly to help each other and not leave one another in the lurch. If one member is having trouble at work, he or she could easily seek solace in his or her colleagues for assistance. There is less “drawing of lines” at work, a euphemism for strictly sticking to one’s job scope. People feel more cared for if they are able to depend on their team members for support when they need it.

6) Strong Support Network

Similar to the point above, having great teamwork creates a strong support network in the organisation. From an outsider’s point of view, having a solid team gives them reassurance as well. They would be willing to put their trust in the organisation.

7) Maximises Strengths & Reduces Weaknesses

The most important point to boost teamwork is that teamwork takes the best parts from each person and puts them together to maximise the full potential of the team. Different people have different strengths and weaknesses. If one member is weak in a certain area, another team member might just be the best at that. Having teamwork would make each team member focus on the area that he or she is best at, and they do not need to worry about their own weaknesses pulling them down.

With these convincing arguments for teamwork, there is no time to wait to start planning your next team building activity!